Then and Now

I think my writing style has changed. I think it was more fun before and boring now.

For instance, this one was taken from What A Nightmare!!!!

okay. imagine this:

you were very anxious to go to toilet. cause you can't wait anymore. so you went to an o.k.u. toilet, and you did your business. and then, while the relieve starting to fill up on you, you heard footsteps. footsteps coming towards your way. then you realized something. YOU FORGOT TO LOCK THE DOOR!!! and that footsteps sound came to a stop. and the door was open. that particular person looks up and saw you, you were doing your business! 

Now, tell me, what would be your reaction??....

This one, from my post I Know It's Ridiculous, But It's Just A Thought!

You know I’ve been observing for quite some time. Attitude, mostly that attracts me. Not to forget, human behaviour too. How they response. That, somehow has never failed to attract my attention to learn them more. Lately, the male have been my observation. And must I say, I can’t deny imagining, yes, IMAGINING how would Mr. My Guy would look like, his response towards things, his behaviour and of course his attitude. =)

I thought that, my guy WOULD/SHOULD/MUST:...

Also, this one, from When Nina Is In The Kitchen, She...?

Anyohaseo!! How’re you?? I hope you had a good time today and, of course will enjoy and get your mouth watered by what I’m about to post.*evil laugh* GAHAHAHAHAH!

Okay, kidding. Recently, I cooked, a meal for the first time in my entire life(that particular meal la). A meal that is not related to me, except for the fact that I really love Chun Jung Myung’s smile. Oh, what am I crapping about???! Zap. Delete that okay? I don’t want ya’ll to imagine me being crazy over some hot Korean actor smile. Hehe!

Since my mom and I, we love to go the Korean stall at Midvalley’s food court, just to eat the Korean dish. ...

If you read those posts... it's more fun than how I wrote lately. Well, one of the reasons is maybe cuz at that time, I have a lot of time to think of how to deliver my post well to my readers. Now, hmm. Tak payah cakap. Just look at this post! hahah -.-'

P.s.: Entah kenapa asyik dgr lagu jiwang lately. Missing George too much!

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