Yes. You Saw It Right. I Just Updated. xD

Hellooooo! It's been a while since the last time I updated my blog here. Been tooo busy with my new life as a UM student. Seriously. From Minggu Haluan Siswa up to now, I'm pretty much occupied. But hey, asal nampak active je kat FB and Twitter? LOL. I do multi-tasking. I am a multi-tasker. I NEED to be a multi-tasker. Right now, I mean, this moment as I'm typing this, I'm waiting for my files to be compressed to send it to my partner who will do the combining and we have to send it by THIS Thursday. Oh yeah, did I mention along with other 8 (yes, in case yang tak nampak, it's EIGHT. E-I-G-H-T assignments!). Crazy, I know. Majority of you guys have only, like, what, 3-4 assignments? We have like close to triple than yours. So don't tell me you can't finish it! hahah It has come to the point where I don't know which assignments to start first. What more with that event la, this event, that thingy, this thingy, walk here, walk there, man, I'm so freaking...  restless.

Okay, I think I just babbled too much. Now I'll just let the pictures do the talking while, yes, while I do whatever I'm doing. :p

The moment I step my feet inside, I can see the bunting already. Semangat KUAZ!

Registration. I was really surprised by the hospitality, kindness and friendliness showed by the pembantu mahasiswa (PM).



Thumb, Imran and Elin. My debate team. Thank you guys for your ideas! :D

That's PM Paus Biru talking to Jalil, my teammate.

Brainstorming sessionnnn

Right now we're doing the "tembak" cheer. I LOVEEEEE all the cheers!! XDD <3

Kawanku, Zetty. (The one with peace on the left)

Sometimes we walk, but most of the time we have to RUN! Exhausting you know.

We have our own way how to answer 'Yes' to the PMs. ;p Find me if you can. xD

My debate partner. He's mean. But I learned a lot from him.

Ada lagi yg tak termasuk in the pic.

PM Barakuda. It's hot (the WEATHER), so, yeah, thank you for the free UM umbrellas, UM! :D

Eat eat while you can. XD

Try guess, which one is our college master?? ;D Siapa dpt teka, I'll buy you a drink. XD

Random picture.
The moment I sat there, just sitting there, looking around, at the trees, the green field, I was starstruck. I mean, it gives me the feeling of being in a university. There's field, people playing sports, we're greeting each other, I mean, it's a typical imagination you have bout certain parts of universities. You get what I mean??? 

UM is One! :D

In Dewan Tunku Canselor. There were many colleges. At first, we were a bit shy to do the cheer, but at the end of the day, mannnn WE CHEERED LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! XD
  And I had some bruised on my laps. But that's okay. It was worth it. :D

Cheers! My friend Ain is in there! :D
 And that was during MHS. So now let me show you some pics from the Majlis Penutupan MIRTA (Minggu Interaksi dan Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri) KUAZ- maybe some of you have seen in my Fb.

Zetty, Me and Ain. My cellmates! :D <3

My roommates..! 
Well, not anymore since I'm staying outside now. Much easier and more economical to stay at home. ^^

2 of the girls who performed for the Indian performance. :D

I love this pic the most! <3 

AJKs.. =D

Dikir Barat.. semangat gila! haha 

Dikir Barat in action.

The Chinese performance. 

Too bad I didn't get the chance to take a pic of the Indian performance. :( But I guess it's okay. Attending the dinner, being the "fruit-girl" for the night, it was an amazing experience. Was worth it going there. It's not about the food that really matter to me, but it's meeting the people. Seeing the people I can't always get the chance to see them (unless I bumped into them, of course, duhh. haha). Cuz it feels like family. You're welcome anytime though you don't stay there anymore. And I'm glad my friends still welcome me there. :') Hope to see you guys again soon! 

P.s.: It's kinda hard to be fair with people when it comes to food. It's either; follow the rules or be generous to people. Pity them for those who get only 1 fruit. Sorry, I only did that because of the instruction given. 


  1. Nyna, maniss bertudung :) Seronok betul dekat UM kan? All the best untuk kita semuaaa :DD

  2. Syidah:
    :) Haha Seronok seronok jugak. Assignments yg berlambak pun "seronok" jugak. hahah Yeah.. all the best to us. :D

  3. Wahh,seronoknya Nyna kat UM ye :) have fun tau!

  4. Nina!You look preeeeeety in hijab :) ahh you guys have so much fun in UM *jealous mode*

  5. Mimi:
    Hehe Thanks Mimi! :)

    Awhh thanks. =) Hihihi don't be jealous much! x)


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