New Baby Boy In The Family

I know I know. It took me from this..

you girls are funneyh!

 to this..

to this..

and to this..

So I decided to reply with

*imagine you hear clik clok clik clok, the sound of a woman walking in her exquisite 5 inch high heels from Gucci.. holding her clutch, with the shades on. She walks to the chair, wait for the helper to pull the chair for her to sit and she sit there gracefully. Slowly but precisely taking off her shades at the right speed. With her red lips.. she begins the press conference...*

Yes friends... I've got myself another baby to be taken care of.. who's the father, I dunnoe. Erk. Pause. Rewind.

Yes friends... I've got myself another baby to be taken care of.. At first I decided to give it the name Minnie, same as Becky's daughter's name. But on second thought, I think it suits more to... Andy. hehe

Oh yes. This is my baby.

Picture taken with my old phone.
Or if you wanna see it clearer it's like this la.

Samsung Galaxy Mini.

I must thank these lovely people for helping me out to get my lovely Andy into my arms.

My dearest Chik- For helping me to get it at a cheaper price (cheaper than other stalls!) and it's ori. :D And for the thoughts as well. Thank you.

Sharil- Okay okay I know, you can curse me into bones now *gaya serah diri* hahah xD Thank you for the knowledge, thoughts and keeping it secret. 

Zaza- Thank you for the knowledge she shared with me and helping me to keep it a secret. hehe 


Yes. This is the one that I've been monologue-ing about in my Fb status.. in dilemma when to buy it.. July August July August and lastly I decided to buy it in August, in the month of Ramadhan. Hoping it'd come together with the barakah. hikhik Thank you so much to those who wished me congrats or wished me well. Thank you thank you. But I know, mulut tempayan boleh tutup, mulut orang..? Andai ada yang kata 'Eleh, Samsung je pun! Ingatkan Blackberry ke.. class sikit!'. Well, I have my own reasons for buying what I bought.

1. I'm a student. And obviously a Blackberry would be costly for an average student like me. I'm a considerate daughter that wouldn't burden my mother to buy me things just to have branded stuff, to be in the "same standard" as others or whatever your lame mentality is about. 

2. If I can get almost the same as what BB has to offer me, then why would I pay triple the price?? Oh sebab nak logo Blackberry everytime update status eyh? Ehh I know the trick to do that. :P Ohh.. sebab nak nampak class.. mhmm. :)

3. Turn left, BB. Turn right, BB. Semua orang pakai BB tak best la cam tuuu Tak class. Kalau nak betul2 class mesti yang exclusive punya.. hahah

4. Handphones are usually the target when people want to steal. If I use BB, kalau hilang kena curi, I'll cry air mata berdarah mannnn! But kalau my Andy, maybe tak de la sampai berdarah. haha But I'm hoping the best la kan.. tak mau la people steal my phone. 

Yes, I'm not a BB user yet so I don't know how much crazy I can get with the gadget yet. There are downsides of everything and the good sides of it. Same goes with this Andy. I think the only thing that I wish could've been better is the camera. It's got no flash. But that's okay with me. I'm not the camera type of person sangat.. If I want to take a real good snap of pics, might as well I buy myself a really good handy camera aite? hahah About the green side thingy, I don't really mind about it. On the bright side, it can help me quickly search for it in my ever-so-dark-inside-the-handbag. hahah Despite the flaws of Andy, I still love him to the bits because:

1. I bought this for myself. Kumpul duit masuk tabung lagi tau! xD

2. This is considered my present for myself for:
    -finishing school with good result and great results in between
    -my birthday *ehem ehem*
    -for passing the Medsi interview 
    -for getting into UM (that's an achievement for me)

3. I want to use my phone as my organizer as well. Downloaded the Astrid Organizer and Jorte to help me with it. I want to be an organized, thoughtful, not forgetful and a successful student. I hope with this Andy, it'll help me achieve what I want. =)

4. I can get the same with a cheaper price. Internet (duhh), socialize, entertainment, gps, wifi at an affordable price. :) Can type easy, QWERTY, Swype, handwriting, you  name it! Email? Also on the go maaa.. :D And so far, I'm satisfied with it. :D

Yes, of course I've downloaded Angry Birds. But couldn't pass the Level 3 lock berapa entah. Then I stopped playing it. Hooked on Pumpkin vs. Monsters pulak. Seems like going to be the same as Angry Bird. Asyik kalah jeee hilang mood nak main. haha But that's a good thing la kan? I won't be hooked so much onto the games. haha

I'm happy with my Andy. I hope nobody's offended with whatever I've posted. Call me jealous, call me envious, whatever. This is just my thoughts, my opinions. Everyone's entitled for their own opinion, doesn't matter if you asked or not, I decided to post this, if you don't like it, you can quickly close this tab. haha :)

Tak perlu panas2, relax2 sudeyh.. puasa ni. Panas2 nanti lagi cepat dahaga. Chills and peace yaw! xD


  1. ohhh....ada anak baru tak bagitau..haha
    nice phone...nanti datang shah alam ye..aku nak cubatrytest! :D

    Wan and I have the same thought on BB.Same as yours!
    Yayy for nyna! I'm soo happy for you.Hopefully I'll get mine by the end of this month :D

  3. Aiman:
    haha Mestilah.. nanti kang ada yang terkejut pulak tiba2 aku ada anak! haha ty ty! Insya-Allah..BILA aku dtg la eyh. XD

    Hehe! Kannn?? Glad to know ada jugak on the same thoughts as me. :D Heeeee~ Ty ty! Nanti Zhafa dah dpt don't forget to show and tell okay? :DD


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