My Short Trip To Japan

The journey I had was amazing. I could really imagine it. It's like I can feel the coldness of the weather, feel the people in it, imagining the horrid image.. it's like I was in their journey as well.

Mannnn I could really feel I was in Japan. Every ringgit spent on this book was worth it. Seriously. I bought it at Times Pavilion. I've seen the book in MPH. I bought it in Times cuz it's RM3 cheaper; RM42.90. In MPH it's RM45.90. Roughly about RM3 la kan. So yeah. And it's my first, very thick novel that I actually finished reading it! (I never finished the HP. LOL) Oh forgive me I forgot to tell you what's the book. 

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 611 (excluding afterword, acknowledgment and bibliography)

About this thick

I find it quite shocking now that I'm into historical fiction than chick lits (Cuz I want something different other than just the same-old-same-old storyline. haha). I guess it started after I read a book by Anchee Min, Empress Orchid. 

Haven't read the left one yet.

Notice that both books have got something to do with history (obviously. derr), and about concubine?? I dunnoe why I'm sooo interested with the Asia history. Especially from China. The protocol, the secrecy, the authenticity.. everything is just... interestingly nice! 

I still remember in Qber, my friend Mimi who first introduced me this (Empress Orchid) book. We want to read it so much that we don't want other students to borrow it (cuz nanti tak dpt trace siapa pinjam and such. Tamak gila, I know -.-' haha) that we HID it behind the racks of books in the library! Hahaha 

Okayyyy so back to The Last Concubine. It's actually pretty similar to the history, except the author did a few changes to the storyline and character (dah nama pun fiction kan), but you can read at the end of the book which is real (she was into Japan so she really studied the history of Japan) and which is added. There was not a single page that I got bored with, not a single page I wish I could skip it, never. Overall, I'd give this book 10/10. Really, I don't mind spending my RM43 on it.

P.s.: I'm thinking of buying The Glass Palace and waiting for The Pearl to be in smaller size so it'd be cheaper. Oh and not to forget, The Last Empress as well. :p
P.p.s.: Finished reading the book Zhafa gave me. It was AWHEEEZEMMM!! :D


  1. haha ingatkan kau memang dah ke Jepun cehh :p

  2. laaaaaa... farah dah mcm waaa nyna g jepun!! haha

  3. Haha I didn't remember we hid it. Ingatkan kita seludup keluar libary je LOL

  4. ohh ingat2,Nyna asyik dok cakap,da pi Jepun, hehe mati2 ingat Nyna gi holiday kat sana tau! :D

  5. Syidah:
    Hehe Propa ;)

    Hahah Mesti ramai yg tertipu. :p

    We did that too!! hahaha Sampai terkoyak cover dia! XD

    Eh, baru perasan, 2 2 Mimi. haha Mimi pun tertipuuu hehehe xD

  6. congrats for finishing the book teehee. i wish i could do that too XD

  7. I was like, "bila pulak Nyna ke Jepun ni?" hehe
    and CONGRATS NYNA! Congrats that you manage to finish that thick book. :D Dahlah pasal history~ Good for you :)

  8. Naddy:
    haha Thanks Naddy! :D

    haha Thanks! History is indeed interesting. :D


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