I don't know why I found myself drawn to pics of animals that shows the mother and daughter/son relationship. The message that was captured to portray what it means, it really touches me. It seems cruel that the cat has to bite the kitten's neck. But she did that to help the kitten. Same concept for us. Mothers may scold you, but they scold you because they love you.

But I find this pic most heart warming

Nyna Roxford

Just one look and you can tell how much the cub loves the mother. Only God knows how touched I am. Nak nangis pun ada. :')


  1. yeah,cats (other animals ?) do that to their young cubs not because to abuse but it's some kind of way to move/prevent them from danger..
    and of koz,the Mama loves the cubss X)

    imagine if we do that in real life? LOL. Human cruelty alert

  2. Fns:
    LOL. Human cruelty alert. xp

    Thanks! :D

    Hee thank you! :D

    Nina pun nakkk! Jom bela satu? hehehe xD


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