I don't know how to start this post. Honestly.  Oh okay. Open this only if you feel like reading something heavy. No. Not about feelings, stupid emotions whatsoever. haha This is serious.

 I'm so sorry the picture is very small. Couldn't find the bigger size and I'm too lazy to put up another pic from the phone. -.- Nway, what matter is the points aite? :D 

1. This Halal Journal mag is very informative I'd suggest Muslims out there to read it. Very good! I like the article about Pigs In Your Meds. Very informative.

2. If you're wondering why the hell on earth scientist are using pigs in our meds, with or without us realizing it.
-Biomedical scientists found that pigs make excellent model for some of the diseases (cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, etc.) because they're more similar to us; human system and condition.
-Pigs have short generation interval, multiple offspring. In simpler words, scientist can go play play with them not worrying they'll extinct because they reproduce a lot and rapidly. In terms of capitalistic ideals, it's very economical resource for a fast moving manufacturing industry (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, etc.).
-The genome of a pig is 3x closer to human than is the mouse. So you go figure. No wonder they use those little piggies.
-Each and every part of the pig they can use it in anything! Cooking oil additive, emulsifier in yogurts, in papers to improve stiffness and reduce moisture, collagen in hide glue (woodworking industry), brushes (paint, pastry brush, toothbrush!), fabric softener, shampoo, you name it! Tak percaya boleh beli sendiri, BACA.

Okay. Now this scares me. Rasa macam dah tak da benda yang halal kat dunia ni. O.o

3. The big people in companies and minister are aware that the Halal Economy is growing rapidly. But what concern me the most is the idea of spreading the Halal Economy. Right now, they are considering the thoughts on spreading it as *"Look we're going to get products and services clearly in line with our faith. Come alongside us if you want because there is goodness in it", or *"We don't have a desire to expand our products and services beyond the Muslim community", or *"We'll downplay the Halal-Muslim connection and try to make halal mean organic to a community that doesn't understand it". My major concern is on the last idea. If they're going to spread Halal as in organic (even to a community that doesn't understand it), that's very dangerous and could be very confusing to us consumer. Especially to the Muslim. Because to Muslim, Halal has a deeper meaning. From my understanding, Halal means the utensil used in preparing the food are not mixed or get touched with the pork or any other non-Halal food and all types of meat (except fish) are slaughtered by the Muslim, am I right? And if they're going to say Halal as in organic, wouldn't that make us confused, no? 

*Taken directly from David Smith words, CEO of Global Futures and Foresight, UK.

I know now ada issue yang pasal butter Golden Churn yang tak halal tu. Before that sibuk dengan Starbucks yang tak halal, followed by Meatballs Ikea. But in the end, halal balik. LOL. But for those who are still in doubt whether Starbucks are Halal or not, you can check this out here. I don't know how's it going to be with the Golden Churn butter, Halal or Non-Halal. 

How to ensure you're having something Halal:
  • Go to shops only with the Halal certs. Yes, I've seen a Halal cert in Starbucks Bangsar Village.
  • Read something legit. And by legit I meant published books, mags, journals.. not just web logs. 
  • Eat at home. hahaha
By right, I think Jakim should make sure that everything is Halal before it enter the market. 

In case for those of you who are tooooo lazy to Google how to check what's Halal, click this link.
If you want to check which food premise are Halal, simply click here.
List of hotels with Halal cert.


  1. I love love this post!
    very informative!
    so this is what you meant by research semalam ehh.
    Golden Churn tak halal.At least that what they wrote.I read about it just now.
    My mum never used Golden Churn so idk.hmm bakeries.hmmmmmm
    So gonna buy that book!

  2. Zhafa:
    Thanks! You'll get more when you read it! Haha Go la buy! :D
    hihihi Yup. Beriya kena baca lagi sekali. haha
    Oh... hmmm bakeries. :/ entahlah. Susah kan? Duduk Malaysia negara Islam pun kena check lagi halal tak halal. haha


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