Celoteh: Of New Things

Actually..  I planned to talked about my "kidnapped incident" and my announcement to make. But since I have something else in mind... looks like I have to post this one first. haha 

So yesterday me, my mom and her colleague, we went to Low Yat. She needed to do some work and coincidentally I needed to buy some stuff for Toby (tgk, baik punya mak, org lain shopping baju, tudung, emas aku shopping barang utk Toby XD). Then, we depart and I got into the shop, Ibu went ahead with her colleague. Then I was so in awe shopping. Ada macam2! Syok sangat! Orang lain cuma pegang barang kat tangan, I siap bawak lagi trolley! hahah Punya la syok shopping. But no worries, even though I syok2 shopping I can still think rationally (something that is quite hard for us women to do especially during festive season, right or not lovely ladies...?) 'What are the things that I NEED?' instead of main shoppingggg je mentang2 baru dapat gaji. haha So I browse through the things, think hard and suddenly I feel mcm dah lama je shopping so I tried to call my mom. But the problem is, I can't call. I wonder why la..

Me: Ibu!! Ibu!! Bu!! Bu!!
*Ibu pandang dengan muka cemas*
Ibu: Nina pergi mana???! Puas Ibu cari! Ibu pusing cari kat atas nak sakit2 pinggang dah ni! 2 kali dah ibu pusing. Ibu nak nangis dah kalau Ibu tak jumpa Nina tadi.. *nada marah campur sedih. I yang dengar ni serba salah nak bagi tau beli apa. haha* Phone Ibu bunyi, Uncle call.
Ibu: Ha ni jumpa dah ni ha! *tutup phone*
Me: Ibu cari lama dah ke?
Ibu: Ha!
Me: Tu la Malina (sometimes I bahasakan diri I Malina, sometimes Nina) try call Ibu tapi tak boleh call tak tau kenapa.
Ibu: Ha awak beli apa tu?

So this is what I bought! :D

Wireless mouse, USB port, pengikat wayar and a mini bag!

See? All inside the mini bag! Hail to being organized!! :D

I was worried where to put the receiver, but Thank God for the space! It's very convenient! :D

My RM37 was worth it!!! I loveeeee the mouse! hahah So cute and blue-ish and convenient!! :D

Bought this at the Mont Kiara mini shop. Wanted to try something new. The taste was okay. My RM4.50 was spent so-so.

Used before 2 days before my birthday. *cough cough* xD

P.s.: I really need to control myself from being so "generous" treating myself with good and expensive food. =.=


  1. Wahh selalu yang hilang kat shopping mall ni kanak2,hehe. Nasib baik jumpa! :)

  2. Haha, Nyna kan her only child, mesti sayang gila punya. Lemme tell you that wireless mouse looks fantastic okay! Dah lama teringin nak beli mouse untuk Sandy-yang wireless punya lah. Hehe

  3. Mimi:
    Hahah tu la pasal! Ni kanak2 besar je! LOL XD

    Haha Ikr!! Sangat suka!! haha Beli la! Sana mesti lagi banyak gadget cool2, cantik2! :D

  4. omg even dah tua-tua bangka sekarang pun kalau sesat,phone mati,mesti nangis jugak,Thank God jumpa.wowww bestnya beli macam2 :)D

  5. Zhafa:
    Kannn rasa mcm takut sgt! hahaha :D


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