Day 28 | An embarrassing/socially awkward situation I've found myself in

OMG. I forgot.

I forgot I still have that 30days challenge. Oh blimey.

An embarrassing/socially awkward situation I've found myself in.

Hmm... nothing comes to mind except this one incident that happened when I was on holiday. Can't remember where exactly. It happened like this..

Me and my mom, we went into a shop. I was so in awe with the stuff, I didn't realize my mom was moving away. Biasala, Ibu pun mesti syok tgk barang kan. Orang perempuan mana yang tak syok shopping? haha Then after some time, I realized she's not beside me. Apa lagi. Sangat ketakutan time tu. Takut hilang Ibu and I almost cried. So many things I imagined in my mind. haha I searched for her row by row then I found her. She was sitting there looking at one of the things with another woman. In my mind, who the hell la that woman? Then I ran as fast as I can and grab her arm. Weird. 'Kenapa tangan Ibu berbulu sangat ni?'. I was holding her hand without even looking at the face. Takut sangat dah kan. :p Then when I looked at the face... .DAMN! It's a HE! Ada janggut lagi tak silap. Gila takut. I guess that's why until now I'm scared of guys with beard. haha You know why I grabbed his arm? Cuz he was wearing the same shirt as my mom! T-shirt putih! I thought it was her! For a moment, terpana sekejap. Then I let go of his hand and ran away. hahah Later only I found my mom. haha

P.s.: Having fluuuu :((


  1. hahaha!i experienced the same tersalah-org-thing too but mine,I talked to a stranger who I thought my mum XD malu gila!

  2. okay, kelakar sangat hahahahahah :) Nyna, get well soon :)

  3. hahaha! mesti takot an? pernah kena macam fns tapi dah lupa,hehe :D nyna,bykkan berehat ya, get well soon :)

  4. Fns:
    TALKED TO A STRANGER?? Hahaha That's funnier!! XD

    Hahaha Tuhan saja tahu takut time tu. Thanks, Syidah. :)

    Memang!! Sangat!! Thanks, Mimi! :)

  5. haha! lawak gila. yeah kalau aku pun, mesti aku takut gila sampai fobia muahahahahah

    get well soon nyna!

  6. Yong:
    Haha Kan?? Boleh fobia!

    Thanks Yong! :)


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