Aku Dah Lama Tak Update. Nah! This Is My Rambling! XD

Adalah dalam... 3hari aku tak update.

As usual, Good Day everyone! I feel great today! Aren't you?? :DD 

Meh nak citer pasal hari ni jap. I had a dream. Julia Robert was inside. She was at an apartment, I think she rented a room there, and was talking to wife of the apartment owner. She was preparing some dinner. That woman around her 40s was wearing a black dress. I think she's having a semi-formal dinner with her husband, who was standing by the window, sipping some champagne, Idk. The woman invited her (Julia Robert) or was talking something like inviting the guy she likes over(Idk. It's kinda blurry), to have dinner with them. 

"I can't. I'm a Muslim", she replied.

And she sipped something that looks like a beer or champagne to me. Irony, I thought. From an angle, the critics of this movie (cuz it looks as if I'm watching a movie) would say that Julia was mocking Islam. From another perspective, it appears to be what reality today is, isn't it? People claiming themselves as Muslim, still they make big sins (I know I'm one of 'em). It's like a picture that tells a thousand words. It's an action that can be interpreted in so many ways and through different angles.

Woke up, realized it's 6am. Did my Subuh prayer. Rolling on the bed. Had a wonderful breakfast with Ibu. What a good way to start the day. I was hoping that today would be another blessed and blissed day. Alhamdulillah, it's sunny this morning. I sidai the kain already, washed the toilet (basuh dinding, basuh lantai, basuh sink, bucu bilik air [paling susah, for me] bekas air, bath tub segalanya lah! Siapa kata aku tak buat apa2 kat rumah mmg nak aku kasi pelekung kepala sekor2!), make the bed, sweep the floor, washed everything in the sink and by 9.30, I'm almost done. Had my brunch eating nasi lemak while watching Powerpuff Girls, with Uncle. I knowww! Out of all series, he chose that! *tutup muka* ahahahah

Now, I feel like blogging. Usually I'm verrrryyyyyyyyyyyy the lazy to update. So sorry dear readers and followers. :( Cuz I'll be working till night from Tuesday-Friday. I like working extra hours. I like being a workaholic. Makes me feel happy! Now, before you say Eiitakbaguslakerjaworkaholicnantitakbolehjadibinisolehah,akutaknakjadiworkaholiclah!, let me just say this 3 words for you; PEDULI APA AKU. 

*cue in music It's My Life- Bon Jovi*

Work is like a therapy for me. When I work, I feel more content. I spend less time thinking things that could ruin me, especially time PMS. (Urgh! PMS is girls' best enemy, it could ruin us. I think la. XD)  I get to be around the adorable kids! Besides, it's stated in the Time magazine that 'Optimist work longer hours and tend to earn more. They even save more.', The Optimism Bias; Tali Sharot; Vol. 177 No. 23; June 6, 2011. 

Speaking of saving, I'm still saving (I know, tak habis2 Nina dgn saving nya!) for that thing. Speaking of that thing, I'm still waiting for Chik. Hmm. Oh and btw, it's July 6!!! 25 days more!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee~

Oh. And maybe I'm thinking of not working in August. It's a lot mess to work in the month of Ramadhan (pergi kerja pukul 2, balik 4.30. Sekejap je. Mcm bazir duit minyak je. And I don't want because of my lack of energy, it'll affect my teaching, that wouldn't be professional). I should get that chance to have a good rest, bake lots of cookies, cakes and cuppies, and of course, Ibu have been stressing this on me; BANYAKKAN AMAL IBADATTTTT!!!! 

Here's something that she "bebel-ed" to me earlier. Saja nak share with ya'll supaya boleh ambik pedoman sama2. Tak nak dgr sudahhhhh. Not my loss. :p

"Nina, awak ambik lah kesempatan bulan ramadhan ni, cuti, buat amal ibadat byk2..! Buatlah sembahyang malam. Tak pe, awak tak kerja awak boleh tidur siang nanti, pagi tu. Buat sembahyang malam.. ha?" Ambik kesempatan ni. You mark my words; there will be no more time you'll get a one month of holiday in bulan puasa, not like this time. *dgn nada lembutnya + mcm sayu, hati mana yg tak jadi lembut??*

At breakfast,

"Nina, awak buat tak sembahyang Dhuha??". I slowly geleng kepala (Jarang buat. hehe). Ibu frowned. "Buatlah nina... banyak fadhilatnyaaaa!", and I smiled. Heheh I know I shouldn't smile and take it seriously, but it just somehow funny to hear my mom say that. Don't know why. 

Nina mmg cam tu, time kena tegur sengih je. Dari kecik lagi. XD But it doesn't mean I don't take it deeply into my heart. Jadi kawan2, I know kita tak sabar nak tunggu Ramadhan datang, Insya-Allah, hopefully we'll get to see Ramadhan this year!! :D Weee~ 

Tak sabar nak buka puasa kat masjid!!! 
And nak raya!!! 
And nak makan kuih raya!!!! 
And of course, nak duit rayaaaaa!! XDD
(Tu semua sampingan, yg penting kita dpt fadhilat dlm bulan puasa and ibadat mesti...? Kerana Allah... :D)

P.s.: Siapa kata kita tak boleh buat more than 1 sentence for topic? I just did it. :p


  1. Okay, seriously I'm having fun reading this! You're totally rambling. (Macam boleh bayang Nyna type laju laju guna Toby)

    Yong pun tak sabar nak Ramadhan! TEHEE~

  2. Yong:
    Haha I'm glad you had fun reading it! haha :D Awww you remember Toby!! :'D

    Kan?? Rasa mcm nak cepat kan je waktu!! :DD

  3. really like this post lah...
    kalau i had the chance to work, i'll be a workaholic jugak kot....;)
    p.s: kerja kan ibadah juga kan? same like tidur. ibadah jugak. ngeh3....;)

    kumpul duit banyak2 nina, then belanja qida makan okeyh!!!!;p

  4. suka suka suka!
    sumpah tak sabar nak puasa.
    nak buat ibadat banyak2.
    mana tahu dapat malam lailatul qadar? teehee :)

  5. Qida:
    Yeah betul tu! :D

    Hahaha Insya-Allah..XP

    Kann?! Heheh XD

  6. nak duit raya, nak buka puasa sama2 wuwuwuwu~ tak sabar.

  7. Melle:
    Your duit raya is my duit raya. My duit raya is my duit raya! XDDD

    Tu laaaa rindu nak buka puasa sama2!! :DDD


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