I wouldn't waste my time telling you what the word 'Sarcasm' means according to the Oxford dictionary or any other available dictionary that exist in Google or wherever. I'm not the type of person who give sarcasm reply whenever asked, questions, opinions, etc. I barely give sarcasm to people. But due to only-God-knows-why, I think I am now. -.-

 Well, maybe it's reasonable for you to say that I'm being sarcastic in Fs because of the people who seems don't know how to use their brain to ask tricky questions or things that'll make me think.

 This one.... I can only say, hahahah! Sorry if you can't handle my opinion, I'm just saying what I'm thinking.

Oh yeah. And if you feel like you want to dislike me, or even hate me, go on. I'd rather you to dislike/hate me because of my opinion rather acting being so nice to you when I actually talk behind you. I want you to know what I think. :)

Why is your mouth so hard to say Thank you, or at least Thanks?
Why is your mouth so hard to utter the word Excuse me, or maybe Sorry?

This goes for allll the people who don't know how to say the magic words. Especially, if you're an adult, you're already in high school, or at least, you're the same age as mine. Three words for you; Shame on you. =)

Sometimes I feel like I'm a crazy woman for inserting a smiley face at the end of my trying-to-be-so-sarcastic-hoping-you-would-understand statement. But I only insert the smiley face, so as not to.... what's the word again? Uhhh *thinking*.. ah! Hurt people's feelings. Awww.... muchuk muchuk muchuk...don't be like that... I'm just being transparent with my thoughts... You didn't bleed that much, did you...? :) 


Still bleeding?? Go get a band aid. Or you know...someone whom you can trust and rely on with your feelings, not to ever feel backstabed by your dearest friend.. :) 

Hmm... maybe it's because I'm too tired of being angry, hence the being sarcastic. :P

Or maybe simply because I miss add math. XD

Thank you so much for reading this another random post.
Sorry if you're offended. I didn't mean to. 
Sorry I wasted your time for making you read this another stupid-nobody-read-this-kind-of-post post. :p


  1. Hmm... maybe it's because I'm too tired of being angry, hence the being sarcastic. :P

    so true nyna,letih dah rasa nak marah kan? :D

  2. Fns:
    Yeah. Dah malas sampai lantak la apa pun. IDGAD. Not anymore. XD

  3. COOL! hahah~ being sarcastic is the mean way to state the truth, i think la. so if people can't handle it, lantak lahh. kita just state apa yang kita rasa betoi kan. muahaha~ LIKE! ^^

  4. about the 5 year old..i totally get it..for example aku ajar sorg ni nama dia of the smartest,polite and words to describe this particular boy..I RESPECT THIS KID MORE THAN I RESPECT ANYONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE..:D

    about being sarcastic..i really think you should do whatever u think is right..:)..we should think of ourself first before others..:)

  5. Faiz:
    Yeah. Amazing huh? :D

    Yeah, sometimes no point caring much for others if they never realize/appreciate it, might as well care for ourselves only.


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)