Hello hello people!!!! 

I'm feeling quite fresh tonight! hehe I just finished clearing and cleaning up my desk. Heheh I like it better now. :p But the best part of all, is that I FOUND A WEBSITE THAT I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR AGES WHERE I CAN WATCH FREE DRAMA SERIES FROM MY NOTE BOOK!! (ceh. macam la org lain tak tau mane nak cari website drama/movies free -.- Excuse me, I'm a noob.) Aaawwwwseeeeeeeem! XD

Okay enough of the excitement. Now that my desk is semi-cleaned, I'm very much excited to clean the wholeeeee room. And maybe redecorate it a lil bit. Add a bit of touch here and there. Hehehe Thinking of going to Ikea to find that something something. I don't know. Something that gives a unique touch to the room. But as usual, have to keep to the budget. 

Meheh Who said being an adult is fun? Yeah right. You have to start thinking about a whole lot of things. If you have a car, you'll have to think about how to pay the monthly installment, the petrol. And you have to think about how you're going to survive through out the month, what to eat, got enough money or not to eat. It's worse if you live in your own house. If rented, have to pay rent. If your own house, have to pay the monthly installment, again. Then comes the water, electricity, maintenance blablabla and God knows what else. Phew~ Now, tell me, who said being an adult is easy? Well, unless you makan tanggung berak cangkuk, good for you la! haha (If you don't know the meaning, google it)

I'm starting back a I've-been-trying-to-make-this-my-new-hobby hobby; Saving. Or in Malay, menabung. Hehe Lately, I'm determined to have this one thing. I refuse to let anyone know what it is. But I really want it. If people ask me why, I'd say:

Because I think I deserve something after working my brain and ass hard for almost 13years.

Waaaahhhh bunyi macam dah tua je aku ni kan? XD I didn't tell my mom what is it. But, of course I need an opinion regarding that thing so I need to ask my dearest uncle. Whom I always take him as my big bro. Cuz I've been wanting a bro so bad! haha Anyway, back to the story. So yeah. It's quite cheap, quite affordable for me, I suppose I DESERVE to have it. Let's hope this time nobody steals it. 

Got a day tomorrow! Going to meet Ibu's old friend tomorrow!! Sibuk jeee Nina ni. XP

P.s.: Did I told you when I want something, that means I WANT IT? XD


  1. go for it Nynaaaa ! Nanti, dah dapat bagitau tau :) Aku pun tengah saving, ka-ching !

  2. save some money tu nyna. don't be like me, i dont save. i spend :P

  3. wahh nyna,it looks like you're enjoying your life! haha go nyna Go! *excitednye kita,nak tau benda ape yg nyna dok teruja bebeno nih :)*

  4. Syidah:
    Thankssss!! Sgt bersemangat niii! :D Hopefully tahan sampai at least 3 bulan lagi! ;D Mari kita savings sama2!! XD

    Yeahhh I'm saving my $$$$$$ XD

    Hai Melleeeeeeeee XD

    Heheh Enjoying?? Boleh laaa XD Hhihihi Nanti dah dpt Nina habaq kat blog naaa XD

    Tetttt! Wrong! hihihihi XD


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