A Portion of The World

Today, I just got back from a cocktail reception at a hotel in town. I reckon need not I mention which hotel here. 

A man carving ice. Obviously.

But what I get from those not more than 2 hours of being there, has somehow, opened my eyes to this not-so-exposed little girl to the world. 

I'm surprised to see people (read: Malays) drinking beer in public like it's just a normal drink. The moment I see beer, I immediately went O.O. You know... like you feel disgusted. Maybe because we were taught that beer or champagne or any alcoholic drinks are air kencing syaitan, so when I see them have a sip, in my mind, it was...

OMG...diorang minum air kencing syaitan.. eiiii!!

Rasa geli geliman satu badan tgk weh!

And I was quite shocked to see pregnant woman (this time not Malay), drinking alcoholic drink. I mean like, aren't you worried about the baby??? It could harm the baby you know!!! :O

But yeah, yang paling aku batak (ikut bahasa org zaman sekarang) or terkejut or nak orang putih lagi, 'Shock of my life' was when I see, not just one, but a few Malays who hold beer in their hand. And sip it. I'm like, why do you drink it? Why? WHY??? Are you proud to have that drink?? I just don't understand. And this was my first time getting real close to a beer. Ya la, before this only tgk kat ads. Never seen it right in front of my eyes. (Except yg kat 7E la. Itu in can. You don't actually see the drink). But this is REAL! You can actually see the bubbles rising up. Man. No wonder la the guys perut buncit. =.=

My advice if you ever have/will attend a cocktail party, ASK. Always ask what's in it, what's that. You might not know if you accidentally eat pork or actually TER-minum a drink that's mixed with alcoholic drink. Sometimes, they don't tell you the strawberry drink is mixed with alcohol. 

Make sure it's halal!

Plus, it's not only at certain events that you have to be aware of. Maybe at your workplace (like my place majority is chinese, so far I've never used their utensils at all. I must be aware)... some restaurants... make sure you see the halal logo first before you buy their food. Don't forget to check. Living in Malaysia the so called Islamic country is never the same as living in a full-islamic country, like Macca. There, you don't have to worry about the halal-ness. It's all Muslims. Unlike here. I'm not being racist or whatsoeva. I'm just trying to tell you, to advice you to becareful when it comes to food.


  1. oh my...kalau diorg dah tak segan minum depan orang, just imagine brapa ramai lg yg dok minum slama ni..God..dunia2..haihh :O

  2. Dyanne:
    Yeah...itu baru yg berani buat depan2, yg sorok2?? Only God knows.

    And what we can do is to pray that we're not influenced by it and hope they'll change for the better. :)

  3. Fara:
    Kan?? Takut and sedih tgk org yg buat cam tu sekarang ni. :s


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