Movie Premiere Screening: Green Lantern

Imma share with you a true story;

I once dreamt that I was standing in front of a bare white wall, and holding out my arm like a superman and I diffuse into the wall, which turns out to be an outer space. Flying in front of me, was my big bro (you know how much I wanted a big bro right? XD) and we were heading to our galactica home which our dearly father awaits us. Woke up from the dream, being a naive girl, I did try the action in front of the wall and to my expectation, nothing happens. =.='

Yes. I wasn't that very much into superhero comic stuff. But I gotta tell ya, Green Lantern was SUPER FDUCKING AWESOME!!! No. It was AWESZEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Before I begin (which I think I already am), I wanna say THANK YOUUUUUU to Nuffnang for giving me the 2 free tix! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! XD

Movie: The Green Lantern
Venue: Cathay Cinepex, The Curve
Time: 9.15p.m.

Ryan Reynolds was super freaking damn hot in the green suit. I bet Iz would love this story cuz it's green. haha But I think he looks pretty much like Hrithik Roshan the Hollywood version.

Similar ain't?
Anyway! That's not the point. hahah

Before I give the colourful points, I have an issue with movies like this. You know... fantasy movies. For a start, I can't really see when I know it's impossible to happen. For instance, you know burning will need O2 (oxygen) for things to burn. There's no gravity in outerspace and there's no oxygen out there! (Correct me if I'm wrong) How can things burn???? Nevertheless, the movie wasn't so heavy. It was okay for people of many levels. Entertainment purposes. Duhhh. hahah Ermmm. So far tu je la kot with this movie. haha

My dearest, vely the cute Ibu! ^^

Oh Handsome Ryan there!! *melting*

Oh wait! The movie... all I can say is, IT'S AWESOME!! Yeah I don't care if I'm being redundant here but it really is. It's packed with great wit, not too cliche love story, great actions (got me squeezing my hands while watching the hero in battle) and yeah! I had PLANE ORGASM! Hahah You know how much I love the loud sound of a jet/planes/ things like that? Yeah. TOTAL ORGASM!!! Hahaha!

If you feel like watching, JUST WATCH IT! There's no harm doing so! X) And it's out in the cinema tomorrow!!  XDD

P.s.: Did I tell you that Ryan was super fducking HOTTTTTTarh!!!! XD

P.s.s.: Seronok punya pasal, I nearly lost my phone! hahaha


  1. Eh haah laa,lebih kurang macam Hrithik Roshan! haha.Wahh,nyna membuatkan kite teruja nak pi tgk! weee~ :D

  2. you're super fducking lucky!!!! haha...

  3. Mimi:
    Kann? XD Heheh Pi la tgk! :D

    haha I know righttt XD

  4. owh u make me wanna watch it too...
    nyway, what did u mean by almost lost ur phone???

  5. he's hotter than hrithik roshan XD
    tak sangka dia boleh main watak super hero :p

  6. Nashra:
    Oh I put the phone on my lap, and tgh excited tgk cerita tak perasan it fell down. Otw dah nak keluar cinema, my mom suruh take out phone and call my uncle, then only I realize it's gone! It was under my chair! haha Thank God nobody took it. (Kalau ambik pun tak pe, boleh beli ph baru! hihi) XP

    Jgn tak sangkaaa. He's funny too!! XD

  7. oh my! nak tengok la macam ni :O


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