Morning Post

Good Morningggggggggggg!! I feel great today!! 

Slept early last night and woke up early. Get to breakfast with Ibu and Mak Long. What a great, blessed life. Alhamdulillah.. =)

Finished all the house chores already. Hihih And that's why I'm online. Durrhhh

You know, I'm not bragging that I'm a good daughter or whatsoever. I still think I have A LOT more to improve to become a good daughter and a good servant of His.

I just think that, if you really love your mom (and dad), you'll be happy to help your parents and whole-heartedly help them in any things that'll lighten up their burden on the shoulder. And as I grow older, I realize that I'll need to help my mom a lot, in many aspects.

Last night.

'Nina, pergi lipat kain tu! Ibu buat tu dalam masa 5 minit boleh siap!', in her usual, high-pitch, not marah tone when asking me to do things.

'Ala... nak sembahyang Isya' dulu. Cepat la sembahyangg', me in nada malas.

'Tak de, Ibu sembahyang dulu. Sementara awak tunggu Ibu sembahyang tu boleh sangat siap lipat baju tu!', Memang kasi Ibu sembahyang dulu, dia dah kat atas sejadah dulu from me. haha

Ibu prayed and I fold the clothes. And I was smiling. It felt funny! At tuition center, I'll be the one like, 'Hailey, do your work now! It's only two pages left! And you'll have your milo after that. Come on!'.
See how irony it is?

Hahah It's okay lah if you don't see it. XD

I've always told myself, 'Biar Ibu ada anak sorang, tapi BERGUNA'. Yeah. Insya-Allah. I'll be a good daughter to her. Amin.

Ibu, I love you. You're the best thing that could've happen to me. Though most probably I'll be saying that to my future husband, don't worry, you'll always be my #1.

I love you, Ibu. :')

The happiest people are the people who make the most out of the little things they have.
"He, who wishes to enter paradise at the best gate, must please his father and mother." (Bukhari & Muslim)  Insya-Allah.. Amin! =)
Be content with what Allah has given you, and you will be among the richest of people. 



  1. :') semalam baru gosip dengan adik2 sape paling rajin tolong mama :P I wanna be the most helpful daughter among them! btw,nyna baik tolong mama nyna ;)

  2. Mimi:
    Haha Insya-Allah, mimi. Insya-Allah. Marilah kita sama2 jadi anak yg solehah! :DDD

  3. awww same here..
    being the only daughter in the family somehow requires me to do all the house chores alone. but im not complaining :)

  4. dat's sweet nyna :)
    bila kita dah jadi ibu,memang jadi mcm mak kita nanti XD

  5. Nash:
    Good for you! Insya-Allah ada balasan for us when we help our parents. =)

    Kan?? hahaha Like mother, like daughter! x)


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