Know What You Want

I've been thinking about this lately. And I gotta thank to this one person, whom, with  God's will, made me realize what I actually want.

[main idea begins]
You gotta know what you actually WANT. You can't just play with someone's heart and be their lover when all you need is just a companion, someone to cure your loneliness. Or act like a lover to them, and leave them whenever you like just because you feel you've had enough with them. They're not toys for you to play around to fill your time, and come back again whenever you feel bored. 
[main idea ends]

Save yourself before you hurt others more.
If you feel like you need a friend to cure your loneliness, find a friend. Not a lover.
If you feel like you want to love and to be loved by the right person, just wait for that special someone to come around. Love can't be forced and I do believe that it comes at an unexpected time and place. 

Think like this. Allah has already set us up with our right partner. The one that's already destined for us. So why would you still wanna play around and put yourself in a mess when something blessed is waiting for you? Just be patient and wait for that someone.

Future husband, you should be really lucky I'm still waiting! XP

There's a difference to having a companion and having a lover to which I'll leave it to you to define.

My point is; Don't play with people's heart when all you want is just a companion, not a lover.

Now ask yourself, what do YOU actually want, Companionship or Love?  =)

P.s.: I feel like this is a pointless post. -.-'

P.s.s.: Tak de niat nak tiru post siapa2, just saying what I've been thinking. Thought maybe some of us need to be reminded again. No offence. :)


  1. I want a companion that can fill my heart with love!
    And the one that can wipe off my tears and tell me that everything's gonna be okay and then give me a huge hug. Pretty pleaseeeeeeee!

  2. Awww Nyna!!
    I love this post. nak like banyak-banyak kalau boleh :P

    But one thing. woot! woot! Nyna dah tahu pasal love-love eww thingy! HEHEHEHE XD

  3. Yong:
    Awww May you find one. =)

    haha Like2, silakan. XP
    Tau?? hahah baru sikit je nash!! XD

  4. nyna ! love-lovey things yaa ? *wink3

    btw, awesome post. suka :)
    betol. i like this most!

    "You can't just play with someone's heart and be their lover when all you need is just a companion"

    keep it up ! :D

  5. post ni membuatkan gee terfikir something.. alhamdulillah, it ends well.. =)

    Gee baru tulis "Aku redha.. Huhuhu.."

  6. this is just the right words i need tonight...

    thanks nyna.. ;)

  7. Sya:
    hehe Thanks! Just saying what's inside. :D

    She's Gee:
    Hmm.. alhamdulillah.. :)

    You're welcome, as. :)

  8. this post :)
    yeap,ramai confuse antara love and companionship heheh

  9. ehh love this post! betui tuu, kita kena fikir nak companion or love..kdg2 even aku yg couple ni pon rasa mcm aku nk companion je.,wuwuw..thx for the reminder! ^^

  10. This is not a pointless post :)
    Good work, I love it <3

  11. Fns:
    Thanks. Yeah. That's why I'm here to remind. Ecehhh haha

    Kenapa mesti ada ehh dpn tu? haha Nb. It's for me and all of us, so we won't play people's heart. :D

    Thanks, Syidah. :D

  12. thankyouu. through this post you made me realize what the hell am i doing:D

  13. Syafiqah:
    You're welcome. Haha Let's save everyone's heart before it gets more broken. XD


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