I Was Amelia For A Day

Hola!! No I'm not in Hawaii, still living and breathing in this polluted KL okay! haha 

Couldn't update much yesterday cuz I was busy out for the day and was too freaking damn tired to get online last night. So today, since I'm fasting, and I can't sleep after my very early breakfast, I cleaned my room. Some more. I know... before this was just the desk. Now, it's 50% of the room. Yippie!

Anyway! So yesterday was out with my mom's friend, had a lunch at Restoran Sari Ratu (somewhere in Bukit Bintang). She's a Malaysian, but she's living in Germany currently. So she came to Malaysia to meet up and have some reunion with her friends. She's an awesome woman! Amazing I tell you. Here's Aunty Sanajan.

Sorry pic kabur. Al maklum lah,  camera phone 1.3megapixel JER

Yeah, the one with the white tank top. That's her. =D

Aunty Azlin and Aunty Sumita

I was the youngest, (menyibuk je, I know) but I decided to come along because I've met her before and of course I wanna know how she's doing too! She's so kind to me. She even said to me, 'If you feel like asking anything, just message me. *Looking to my mom* Tak pe la, kita treat mcm adik je. haha' Haha They talk about each other's life, what is each one of us is doing right now, she even ask about me, how sweet of her though I'm just menyibuk kat situ. haha And you know, she asked to me, 'Amelia, you dah ada boyfriend belum?'. Hmm, is she going to introduce me to someone? Cuz that would be good. Someone from oversea. heheh Of course I answered 'No'. She said enthusiastically, 'You sekarang tak payah ada boyfriend. You belajar dulu, get all the knowledge first, belajar tinggi2, then later you kerja, cari duit, then baru you boleh pilih laki (u~ sounds like a good idea to me ;p) mana you nak. Because when you have knowledge laki tak berani nak main2 dgn you. Remember, knowledge is the key to freedom'. And loads more. haha 

She has such a good heart that she wants to help other women, she's happy to know that other's are doing well, she's just.. someone I adore as a woman. :)) It was quite a long day since we spent about 4 hours at the restaurant (nasib baik restoran tu ada surau! hihi), but I definitely got something from the talk. That's one of the reasons why I love listening to the elders' conversation.


  1. tiba2 rasa semangat nk c0ntinue study lps baca entry ni . huhu

  2. Jan:
    Exactly! Imagine how I felt the moment I listen to it. Berkobar2 semangat! Rasa mcm nak balik terus and bukak buku! hahah XD

  3. Nyna, aku tak sabar nak belajar balik, then buat betul betul, wauu semangat gila dah ni :DDD

  4. Syidah:
    Aku pun!! Rasa mcm kosong gila dah otak sekarang ni! :O We need to save ourselves not to forget all what we learneddd!

  5. wahhhh suka nya apa yg dia cakap, bila dah ada knowledge, we can choose whoever we want. perghhh, macam power gila! huhu~tak sabaq aihhh nak belajaq terer2! hehehe :DD

  6. you made my day nyna. skng i rase laki2 dah penting pulak, study comes first, heee xD

  7. Dyanne:
    Kan? Aku yg dgr pun spirited! haha

    Yeah. It's always like that. Oh yeah! I baru ingat, she also said that, 'You tak payah nak pikir2 pasal laki ni. Buat sakit otak, sakit hati je! Men wil come to you even when you're 60. haha'. Yang penting, we must get stable first before nak pikir pasal laki. haha

  8. Wahh like sangat statement auntie tuh! Betul2, Mr. Right tak lari mana,ada je tuh,tunggu masa yang sesuai untuk berjumpa dengan kita,haha! :D

  9. Mimi:
    Kann just be patient cuz God is sending someone right and someone who deserve us! :D


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