Hajah Aisyah 15th Family Day 2011 | Day 4

Hohoho! Finally!! I got something to share with ya'll. hehhe

So, last day, nothing much happen. After we had our breakfast, salam everyone, we prepared to get back home. Hee~ :D

Now, the part where I've been waiting to share with you. Aku nak cerita, suka hati aku lah. Kalau rasa nak menyampah baca, geli-geliman aku perasan ke whatsoeva, you're more than welcome to click the exit button above. Tyvm. :)

The moment when I reach the airport, I saw a few guys in... a uniform. I happen to know that they're actually the orang gali-cari.. you know, the guys that go to the pelantar minyak? Yeah. That guy. And I notice there was one mat salleh. Like, uu~ XD haha Okay. Back to story. XD

Apparently we can't check in yet when we reach the airport. Had to wait for some time. After going round the airport, I noticed that there were lots of men in white shirts. Yes, I repeat. Men in white shirts. And.. you know how I have a thing for men in white shirts kan... *cough cough*

After we checked in, I decided to buy the Paratha Pizza at the Hot n Roll stall. And so after I ordered, I sat on the stool. While my mother AND my aunty sat at the table NEXT to the small stall there. So, can you imagine, me and my mom and aunty sat far from each other. But that's not the point. Yet.

While I was waiting for my food.... and it's nearly done, a guy.. wait. Scratch that. A good looking guy, (bila aku cakap good looking tu means good looking la, bukan senang nak aku puji laki handsome walaupun aku tak secantik mana XD) sat next to me. He ordered something, I couldn't recall. Besides, buat apa nak ambik tau apa org order kan? haha Then when that kakak hand in my paratha pizza sambil cakap 'Akak duduk dulu, sekejap lagi saya bagi balance'. Immediately I said okay. Thennnn!!! Out of the blue, the guy who was sitting on his stool, stood up and offered me his seat sambil cakap 'Silakan..' I'm like, hahahahah! Not that I laughed actually. He was sitting on his own stool, and so was I. Kenapa nak offer me his seat? Kot ye pun if I needed a stool, I can just stay sit on my own stool! hahah He talked to me in Malay, but I answered him in full English. Awkwarddd! =.= hahah I said 'Oh no, thanks. I'm sitting there', sambil pointing to my mom and aunt who were watching me! =.= What a bummer! hahah If I were alone, I'd definitely sit back or take his seat and maybe chat a lil bit with him. hahah

Then when I talked to my mom about it, she said, lain kali kalau mak long tak de, just ckp je. Pretend tak kenal ibu sekejap. Tapi SEKEJAP je la ye! haha

I know maybe people will say, perasan je lebih minah ni! or maybe he was being nice. Whatever. Hahah I was pretty excited for the day because it's not everyday that I get a good looking guy offering me his seat. Let alone to even look at me. I'm not flirtacious. I don't have guys around me 24/7/. I don't know how to flirt with guys. So yeah, it is something to me when a good looking guy offered me his seat. hahah 

Bye bye Kelantan airport!

 Oh yeah! In the flight, there's this one stewardess who looked so much like Malina, I was quite shocked at first. Rambut blonde youuu! XD hahaha I'm like, sejak bila pulak Malina tukar profession ni??? hahaha And no wonder la dia tetiba baik hari tu. We got extra refreshment! hehe (It's because the flight wasn't full. So that's it)

And helllloo Kuala Lumpur!!!

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