Hajah Aisyah 15th Family Day 2011 | Day 3

Sunrise from the diner hall

This is the female peacock
They actually have peacock there!! How amazing!! But pity the peacock... they made loud noise as if they're tortured being in there.. Quoting this one uncle, 'Burung mana yang suka kena kurung'. My mother asked me what's that when the peacock made the noise. And I asnwered, it's the peacock. A few seconds later, I feel like including this with my answer;

I wanna see your peacock, c***, c***
Your peacock, c***, c***

XD I wanted to record the sound for ya'll, so maybe those who don't know how a peacock sounds like, you can know. But unfortunately, the peacock was too shy. XD

Basically not much on this day. Going as planned, we went to Rantau Panjang, a place for people who wants to shop to shop! :D

Found an interesting motorcycle.

After I went to buy a drink, I saw this poor little kitten... Kesian... mana pergi mak dia... tak de org kasi makan ke?? He/She can barely move when I dropped down a few drops of water before I had to rush back to the bus. :( May God bless this kitten.
At Rantau Panjang, I bought not much. Just a pair of shoes for me to go to my 4/5 days of teaching every week. heheh

I decided to go for something colourful, eye-catching this time. hehe

After shopping, lunch, then we head to the famous Pasar Khadijah. =D Again, bought nothing much there. hehe Oh. I bought myself a fake jade ring though. heheh I'm not really the ring type of person, but.. don't know, angin mana entah tetiba nak beli jade ring tu. hahah 


I was trying to take a picture of this mak cik who actually is half asleep at her own stall! XD

For those who don't know, this is buah ciku. ;D

Buah laici.

Found this "band" while waiting for my dinner. 

Wanna come in my house?? XD
 This is the interesting kek pisang we bought at Pasar Khadijah. It's bite size, and, well, you know, anything bite size is yummy and it's hard to stop yourself from having another one.

And another one...

And another one...

And another one...

Until you realized you had too much. =.=

That's the girl Danialla, the name behind the resort. Lucky her, she can ride a horse. Anak Dato' kan.. 

Sunset tak nampak..cuz matahari terbenam the area behind the camera. Air pun nak surut dah.

Beautiful flower.

That's all on third day! Can't wait to tell you what happened on the last day!! ^^

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