Hajah Aisyah 15th Family Day 2011 | Day 2

So... today was the day where my skin changed... evolved... okay fine. That's a bit dramatic. haha The second day is usually the telematch day.

But of course, it all started with watching sunrise at the beach. This is my first time of watching sunrise right in front of my eyes AT the beach. Haha What I can say is, it's VERY BEAUTIFUL Subhanallah. More than words can describe.


Me and Ibu

Me and Mak Long. I look more like her kan?
 Then while waiting for the breakfast, I got the chance to take pictures of the ready-to-be-my-wedding-reception diner hall. hahah

Sunrise in front..

While breakfast...
Green ant. Can mostly be found in Australia. Don't know how it got on a table in Kelantan. XD
Nenek was watching us. =)

Trace me if you can. xp
Of course, the name itself is telematch so definitely we'll play games. We had so many games... I played Monkey Walk... Kaki Ikat Empat.. Memory game... haha It was all fun!! But I'm too shy to put the pictures here la. heheh If you wanna have a look, pandai2 godek my photo album in Fb kayh?? hahah

View from in front of our room. Depan tu is the sea.
Siapa lagi. haha

That was the morning activity. The evening activity supposed there's a treasure hunt, but I didn't join cuz we went to KB to find some things. Niat asal nak cari makanan supply for malam since there's no shops around.. and alang2 Aunty Lili nak cari baju, just teman her. haha. Then after we shop around, we found a stall selling what looks like a yummy durian! We bought quite a lot in a packet of durian, at a quite reasonable price (well, it's cheaper than in KL obviously. haha) and had that as our high-tea. XD

How ironi.

The yummylicious durian!
And that night, was the dinner! :D

Kak Fatihah. She won the Princess of The Night. :D

Uncle Kus, as always, in his Jawa uniform. =D


Kak A'ai.
 She reminds me of Syidah, though. When I met her first time this year, I was gobsmacked for a moment. I thought like, eh, ni Syidah ke Kak A'ai?? XD

Thoriq and his brother (they were the emcees too) with their cousins, Sabrina and Arin performing. 

And it was a fun night indeed. Until today, I still can't get this song outta my head. Enjoy! :D

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