Day 27 | Name & Shame

Today's challenge was suppose to be 'Name and shame- someone's status/someone in general on Facebook that makes me cringe'

Hmm. Someone who makes me cringe.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Okay fine. I don't know who. Nothing came to mind now. All I need is food. I'm super damn freaking hungry but I can't eat cuz I'm fasting however I don't think I'm hungry, it's just the nafsu playing with me damn you nafsu! Huh! Longest sentence ever.

Sorry guys, I'm just not in the mood to blog and that's why you find it hard for me to update my blog and when I do update, I'll be updating 2-3 posts per day just so I wouldn't lose the mood telling you what's happening and stuff. Sorry to disappoint you guys and wasting your time reading this post.

Despite the no mood thingy, everything's around me seem pretty much fine. 3 more days to July. I think I can be a bit tad patient waiting till I can have that thing. hehehehe Chik just called me asking when I wanna buy it, I told him maybe end of July or early August. I think, I wanna have it in the month of Ramadhan. Hoping it'll come with barakah. XD Trololololol Apa la nina ni.

Had a wonderful conversation last night with one of my friend. Definitely got my adrenaline pumping and the effect after that was I became tired. LOL!! Feeling tired from a conversation?? It's true!!! I'm making a list now. Really, talking to someone with lots of beneficial information is like, exercising in a park, you inhale fresh air and your body feels rejuvenated and you're ready for a brighter future! Insya-Allah! :D

Btw, just wanna ask you guys, do you believe in the law of attraction? Now, before you give me all the eh-itu-syirik-la-b****! comment, please know what IS the law of attraction first. I meant, do you believe that good thoughts attract good things?? :D

I know I do. =D

Something for you. =D

P.s.: Tersimpang pulak dah post ni. =.=


  1. nice blog... have a view of my blog when free.. (A Growing Teenager Diary) .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

    anyway Nyna, I don't know why,
    you made me so DAMN CURIOUS with all the July thingy! AHHHHH >,< !

  3. i think good thoughts attract good things,
    the simple is the same as positive people have positive vibe and positive things? correct me if i'm wrong.

    awwww kucing tu comel awwwwwwwwww

  4. Yes,I think. Good thoughts attract good things. Mimi pernah ada pengalaman tuh! Bangun2 pagi,cakap "Today is gonna be a good day" and it ends up with a great day! Try it and you will feel awesome!

    awww..kucing tuhh!! haha comey comey! :D

  5. Mr. Lonely:
    Okay. :D

    Ngehngehngeh...surprise.. :p

    Kan? I agree. :D

    I've always believed it. It's just, sometimes susah nak macam tu when you're surrounded with negative people. haha =)


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