Day 26 | 5 Things Within Touching Distance Now

1. My oats and apple juice.

OATS TU SUMPAH SEDAP GILA KAU TAU TAK????!!! KADANG-KADANG TENGAH MENGAJAR BOLEH PULAK TETIBA CRAVING NAK MAKAN OATS! haha I'm not exaggerating! It really is memang sedap! And the apple juice, usually I'll put a couple of ice and add some more plain water cuz drinking the juice straight from the bottle is plain too sweet for me. Same goes if I drink chocolate milk. If at home la. I just like.. bland drinks. And caffeine. XD

More like my brunch for today.

2. My Stationaries

3. My external drive. With the Burlesque cd in it.

 4. Books (arranged. lol XP)

5. I don't know what else to snap. So I snap a picture of a nearby mirror. LOL!!


  1. haha.
    oat nampak sedap.
    but the thing is, i don't 'consume' oat :P

  2. Mimi:
    Mai mai Nina ajar cam ne nak buat. XD

    Oats memang sedap! :D

    Mana ada berterabur! Ni dah kemas okay???! xD


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