Day 25 | Someone I'd Like To Be For A Day & Why

Oh yeay!!! 5 more days to go!!

Well, if I wanna be someone for a day, I'd like to be Kimora Lee Simmons for a day. Why? Because she's a mother, a mogul, a model and she's got everything! Awesome! Only one thing slack; she's not a Muslim. -.-

So, I figured out, why don't I make my own Nyna Roxford version? hehehe So let's alter this question a bit. If I can be someone, I just wanna be the SUPER DUPER AWESOME NYNA ROXFORD. But hey, what's so special bout this Nyna Roxford? Well, for a start, of course she got everything she wished. (Which is pretty impossible to happen since you can't have EVERYTHING in real life. There are price to pay for every want)

I'm a successful woman!
I own my own company! 
Which include many sectors like bakery, book shop, clothe line, tuition center and maybe a center which I can make my own technology-crazy-idea come true for the benefit of all! And I keep on expanding my business.
I own my dream house and live with Ibu in it.
I own a big, superfantastic car!
The most-wanted guy by girls around the world is in love with me.  
(Pergh! Aku berangan mmg #1! XD)
I'm a married woman to a successful, faithful, wise, okayIbetterstopgivingtheadjectivesotherwiseIcan'tstop man and have 2 kids. (2 pun jadi la kot. haha)
My life would be like...
Busy with my business, still family is my first priority and at the same time not neglecting my duties as His servant.
Healthy life
Oh! And I wanna make lots of charity if I have lots of money. If I'm VERY damn rich, I wanna help all Malaysians and make sure that no kids skip a meal or have to starve even for a day! Kesian diorg...
Then, if that mission is achieved, I wanna help the animals around the world, give them back their nature, help the kids around the world, give them the right education, ensure their health, enough meals and clothes and such.

Whoa! I think nak accomplished locally pun quite a mission, ni kan nak buat internationally. Oh well, who knows. Kalau Allah nak bagi, anytime je Dia akan bagi right?

Yeah! So that's who I wanna be for a day. Oh I haven't said the reason yet, did I?

Hmm. It's because I just wanna do it! I wanna help people and at the same time help myself.

Help others to help yourself. 


  1. where's the like button?

  2. Kalu mimi an,nanti besar nak wat rumah untuk kucing2 merempat! haha ni dikira save animals jugak an? hehe. may our wishes come true! :)

  3. Zhafa:
    Not here yet. hihihi XP

    Sama!!! Mana tau nanti kita boleh berkolaborasi (not sure if the spelling's right) in future! haha Insya-Allah... amin!! :D

  4. @Nyna Roxford

    @Nyna Roxford

    I want too have an animal shelter!


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