Day 24 | My View On Being Tumblr Famous

Yes yes hello there! :D Don't worry, I'm still very much alive! Just had a busy week working till night and so. =D

Honestly, I have nothing against those Tumblr famous people. If they're famous, then so be it. I'm happy for them. =) I'm sure they got what they deserved. They worked hard trying to keep things posted, keep the followers entertained and by that, they earned many followers. Then they're famous. I mean, like, is there anything wrong being Tumblr famous? Idts. They deserved it. :)

I don't care if I'm Tumblr famous or not. I'm in it to EXPRESS, not to IMPRESS. Same goes here AND to all my blogs.  =D


  1. Go girl!!
    *dance with pompoms :)

  2. I just LOVE tumblr soo much cuz I think it's the most sincere medium for me to express my feelings. :D

  3. yes it is. sometimes we can express our feelings better with pictures than in blogs..aku rasa la. and aku suka tumblr sbb aku reblog je selalu. senang! HAHAHA :P

  4. Nash:
    Thanks girl!
    *shake my pompoms* XD

    Exactly. :D

    Yeah. A picture tells a thousand stories. :D


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