Day 23 | 5 Things I Want To Change

Hello all!! It's a very cloudy Monday today, isn't it? Well, whenever there's Katy Perry's song, it's still sunshiiiiine for me! XD 

No no no. I'm still with this 30dayschallenge thingy. So what's up for today?

5 things I want to change

Ever since in my secondary school, I have things that I want to change about me.

1. My personality. 
I know changing your personality is not easy. And it somehow change who you are. But the truth is, I just want to be a better person, an all-rounder.  I don't want to be boring, I want to be approachable, someone positive, humble, kind and God knows alllll other good things I could have included in the list. But yeah, changing is not easy. It requires time, patient and persistent. And so far, I think I'm slowly changing into the person I wanna be.

2. My looks
Well.... this one. You know. *shrugs*

3. My life
I want to change my lifestyle. I wanna meet lots of people, attend events, get rich and live with my mom in a mansion (berangan ;p), bla bla bla. I'm too lazy to write it down for you. I'm sure you get my point right? haha

4. My .....

I don't think I have anymore things to change. Hmm. I think I'm pretty happy with what I have now. :D So, 3 pun jadi la eyh? XDD Sorry! But I really couldn't think of anything else. I'm hapy and grateful with what I have, just need to improve parts of my life and keep on surviving! :D


  1. you don't have to change number 2..


  2. sama lahh. sometimes kita rasa nak change a few things in life kan? n some of that mmg xleh ubah..mcm num 2. wuwuwuuuuu..sedih aku..but num 1 kita boleh try..heh! :D

  3. InsyaAllah nyna,mudah-mudahan kita semua boleh berubah ke arah lebih baik ;)

  4. As:
    Hmm.. but I think I must. Thanks nway! :)

    Yeah. And sometimes it's easier when you have money. Just go here, go there, walla! haha Yeah! :D

    Amin... thanks Mimi. =)


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