Day 22 | Post About My Last Conversation

Okay. I think I owe ya'll another update since I'm kinda enjoying doing another blog. haha

Right! As for now (sounds familiar je ayat tu..), the latest conversation I had was... with Zhafa!! Well, it all started from Twitter to Facebook! haha

I'm so lazy to put every single piece of our conversation here, but can I just tell you what it is? Oh well, I'm writing it anyway. ;p

So basically, she asked why I was fucking pissed off just now, and tell her blablabla then I asked her bout her cupcakes. Did she do her cupcakes.. then talking bout recipes and icing, I sent her a recipe for butter icing then finally she found a frosting vanilla recipe... then the rest of the conversation is P&C. Hahaha

There you go!

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