Contest Definisi Cinta

Okay, I better blog fast before I loss my blogging mode.

Anyway, the motive of the blog is.. I've been tagged by As. Something bout love contest. Hikhik. Since the price is quite okay. I decided to join la!

Click the image to go to girl's blog.

So, what is love to me? Love is a feeling you have for another person or something... it's a feeling full of love and care. For me, to achieve a pure love, there's no other way than to love our own Creator. Why? Because we won't get hurt. Loving another person could hurt you. Because humans are imperfect. Unlike God. He's perfect. If you love Him, you won't get hurt. But you'd get al-Jannah. Insya-Allah. 

Malas nak buat panjang. I'm sure the girl also must be very busy nak tengok satu2. So, here's one from me. :)

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