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First, I have to apologize to Nash for making this post veryyyyy damnn lateee. Sorry Nash, I'm just not in the mood to blog on working days. haha But I feel that I MUST post this before it any longer.

So, I was tagged by one of my dear friends, Nash, to join this contest.

Click pic to go to blog.

Syarat dia senang je:

1. Follow the blog and like the page.
2. Buat post ni and tag any 4 people.
3. And leave your post link on the blog!

So dah buat ni apa hadiahnya? Itu pun kalau menang la ye. haha 

1st place: RM100 cash!! 
2nd place: RM50 top up
3rd place: RM30 top up also

Wahh banyak duit dia ya nak kasi kita. hahah

Due date: 17 July 2011

So... the lucky ones who get tagged:
2. Mimi
3. Faiz
4. Tqah


  1. gudluck ! hahaha

    nanti haku join laa yeq XD

  2. goodluck nyna!! :D

  3. done! hehe good luck la kita ye :D

  4. Tiq:
    Thanks tqah!

    Hokayy haha :D

    Nash & Mimi:
    Heheh Good luck ke kita bertiga. XD

  5. Goodluck Everybody...muah muah XOXO~ :D


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