Take A Moment To Watch This Video, Please?

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Changes. It takes time for people to change for good, and nobody said changing is ever easy. I never thought I'd see this video. It's very heart warming and.... there're no words could describe how I feel. I cried watching this video. Really, I did. I've been feeling... quite empty lately. I don't know what's missing. I'm being such an emo. I feel... I dunno. Now, every time I look at my mom, I feel... enlighten. I realize that I'm appreciating every moment I have with her now. However, I just feel, yeah, quite empty. When I watched this video, you can see the glowing goodness, the purity in her eyes. And I think I can totally feel how she feels at minute 4.13 onwards. I wish I could hug her. May Allah bless this woman and may Allah bless those whose heart are drawn to Islam and of course, all the Muslim. =))

Alhamdulillah, at least she got the time to revert back to Islam. I'm really really happy for her. :))

So far, this has been my favourite video! It's a very inspirational video, I'd say. :)

Found this in Fb.

Do you mind telling me how you feel after you've watched the video and read this? What do you feel??

P.s.: And yes, I do prefer the term 'Reverted' compared to 'Converted'.


  1. Changes are hard.Yet,if you have enough strength and good intention;insyaallah everything will be okay.Well,there's always a start for something.You just have to find the door.But frankly I wish the audio is better.I played it on full volume,but still sometimes I could't really catch what is she saying.It's beautiful is it?She's just a beginner-just starting to know Islam and at the same time,she inspires people.Masyaallah.May Allah bless her.This post has motivated me to become a better Muslimah.Nobody's perfect but trying is what we can do huh? Thank you for this post Nyna!!

  2. Fara:

    Yes, I agree with you. :) Oh, I played it twice to get parts which I don't get what she's saying. :) Thank you too for reading this.. :))



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