Short Update | Changes

Hey people!

Sorry for not updating that much lately. I didn't dare to update a post before the Medsi. Though I was online for hours, but I don't have the guts to do it. Ibu said to me 'Nina, kalau you buat benda lainnn, memanglah your Medsi... *beredar pergi masuk bilik sambil jari telunjuk menuding to moi as in giving warning sign*'. So, yeah. I kept my fingers neatly in the books. XD

So... those who came here to this blog, I'm sure you've noticed the major (not really actually) plastic surgery I've made on my blog. I've been wanting to have a clean, white blog since then. Just didn't have the time to do it. And, well, yeah, malas. heheh

I think it's time for me to change my blog design. Hence, this is what you can see. The moment I see the list of fonts available, immediately I went, OH GOD! I'M SO BACKDATED! Hahah No wonder they have these interesting fonts when I read in others' blog.

So yeah, I reckon you can't really read this since the font looks something like a printed paper came out from a printer not functioning well. I tried to change the font bigger, still, it looks the same.  If you look carefully, you'll notice that the e, as if there's no straight line in the end. Ah, you'll figure it out!

Anyway, I think I'm pretty happy with it now. I took the Snowy background from nature. Cuz I like nature. (Duhh!) And the font, yes, the font again! It's very english style, elegant. It kinda took me some time to see which font match with this blog. Since my blog header already symbolizes elegancy (which reminds me of the word Regency, and Hotel Regency =.=), then the whole content must have relation to 'Elegancy'.

Or elegant.

Whateva! Hahah

However, I really like the title on my sidebar! LOVE 'EM! Still, I don't want my blog post font to look immature, I chose the english style instead. Haaa *imagining Prince William... and Princess Catherine* Tetibe. Okay, back to here people! XD

That's it! Ciao!


  1. haha itulah,perasan gak tulisan tuh.haha :D Awesome tahu?haha tapi itulah,rasa pelik sebab xnampak huruf 'e' :P haha. way to go nyna :)

  2. Mimi:
    Hahah It's weird and cool at the same time! hahah XD


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