Not Againnnn!

Hello! As I'm writing this I'm struggling with myself not to fall asleep. Cuz I just had my flu med and I still have not memorize the scientific name yet. Why? Simply cuz I love to remember medicine's scientific name. Makes me feel less stupid, somehow. Superiority. Okay, enough is enough on the medicine thingy.

This evening, as usual I went to work. Had to help this one particular student. A boy. After he finished his work, he asked me to help open the milo sachet. I couldn't. So I went to get a scissors. While I was on my way to cut the very end of the sachet.....

Before out of the room

Student: Teacher, are you a Muslim?

Me: Yes, I am a Muslim.

I grabbed the scissors, ready to cut it..

Student: Teacher, are you Malaysian?

Me: *looks at him, smiling* Yes, of course I'm a Malaysian. Why? Do I look like a foreginer?

Student: You look like a Muslim who forgot to say Malay

I was like... starstruck for a while. Like, =.= . Did I mention I did insert some 'lah' in my conversation sometimes? Well, yeah. It's kinda surprising to get that from the student himself. Still, it's interesting to know what the students think of you. Cuz sometimes they tell you things that you never realized yourself before. Not that I never realized about this before, it's just that, I never thought they realize it, too.

Today I also taught Maths. Area of trapezoid. Man. I think I left that years ago lah. Now TESLians, tell me if you still remember that! hahah 

P.s.: I'm down with fever, flu, cough and sorethroat. I can feel my body is hot. In terms of temperature la. haha


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)