Medsi Day

Salam. And good day everyone! 

Some decided to blog about this, and some don't. Well, I'll just put it here as my memory. haha So, today started the day with ironing my cloths and tudung. The sijils, Ibu helped me prepare it last night. Then after I settle some of the house chores, went to pick up Ibu at her office. Of course la I wanted her to send me there! The day before I went to UM, that is after I went to UiTM, I se parents sending their children for the interview, of course I want my mom to send me too! Hihihi Manja! Memang! XD

While waiting for Uncle (who was already late to send me to UM), Ibu told me,

"Tadi aunty cina tu cakap kat Ibu masa Ibu jumpa dia, ye lah Ibu bagi tau yang boss Ibu cakap Nina ni bodoh sebab ambik TESL.. she said 'You know what, she is the one yang bodoh! Tak semua orang reti cakap Bahasa Inggeris. You tell your daughter, ask her to study hard and later open a tuition center to teach those who don't know English.'". *Ibu made muka terharu* haha 

Confused I asked, "Aunty cina mana nii?" In my head I was imagining that aunty cina at the cafe. Cuz we call her aunty cina. But since when Ibu got close to that aunty cina?

"Ala... kat atas tadi jumpa. Oh silap. My sister! haha

There's this one chinese lady, we call her my mother's sister cuz if looking outside, people can definitely say they look like siblings! haha Both are short (sorry, Ibu. hehe), chinese looking, curly hair, I mean, if you look at them, memang confirm boleh kata adik beradik! hahah 

Later, already at UM, we were asked to get into the quarantine room. Ya know the procedure blablabla. When it's my turn to go, I went. I was quite close to the door of my interview room. Mann I was nervous. Called Ibu. hihihi 

A guy came out. Apparently, it was the guy that Ibu said he looked a bit... arrogant. Well, I actually found him quite the opposite after he got out of the interview room. Though he reminds me of Daddy (read: Aiman) cuz he's tall and very thin. But he's thinner. haha And his face looks like someone I knew from my primary school student. But it couldn't be since Na'a was there too. If he's from a primary school, then maybe Na'a would know. haha Oh! What a coincident! Na'a and me, we got to the same interview and the same interview room!!  Same like during the Asasi Tesl interview! :D

Then a panel got out to take his food, then came in and it was my turn to get in. He opened the door for me. Humbly, I said thank you with a smile on my face. 

Share with us about yourself.


Tell us about your parents and siblings.


What do you think about the difficulties in teaching Eng?

Blablabla.. exposure... blablabla low confident in speaking.. blablabla.

SMK Convent Bukit Nanas eyh?

Aah. Ya.

Anak tunggal eyh?

Aah. Ya.

Apa ciri2 guru yang ada pada diri.. apa nama ni.. Amalina?


The question wasn't in order as I typed. It's kinda awkward that they asked more about my personal stuff rather than the hardcore questions. haha I did my colour blind test. Alhamdulillah, I think I passed it. But something they said at the end of the interview which makes me... err.. okay. Like I said in my Fb status, I don't want to put high hope. Let's just keep it down and cool first. :) 

Then once I get out of the room, I went to the girls outside and tell 'em what happened and which them good luck and head on to the nearest bus stop! :D Though all the while I tried to listen to my MP4 to stop myself from urgh-ing too much. haha 

In the bus, on the way to the Universiti lrt station, as we're drifting away from the Fakulti Pendidikan, it was the first time I looked at the building, thinking for the first time it could be in the future that that building will only be a dream.. was once a dream. Ahhh I don't want it to be a dream, I want it to be a reality! 

Reached office Ibu and spill everything! Haha After office hour, we dropped by at Bangsar LRT Station and had our dinner there. 

I don't know if you could see the last list was 'En Chocolate'.

Hahaha En Chocolate?? Uuu~ I was served with En Chocolate.. and it was super yummy!! hahaha

Ibu's menu. Teringin sgt nak makan mee curry.

Mine. With Mr. Chocolate. XD

Then got back home with a taxi. Cuz Uncle was at Sepang had to wait for Mak Long. The taxi driver was funny! He kept talking about how a friend of his had a.... an unexpected passenger. The story was, ada la sorang kawan dia ni pergi ambik passenger somewhere kat Bangsar... nak hantar ke somewhere in Bukit Tunku. After a while nak sampai kat Bukit Tunku tu, driver tu tanyala, kat mana nak berhenti, then pusing2 guess what?? Hilang! Poof!! Gone with the wind!

Habis sampai balik rumah dah jejak tanah depan rumah tu driver tu pun still check if we're legged or not. =.=' hahah But still, he's so funny! Though the story was scary. Dah lah balik time maghrib. So, hmm.

All I can do now is just pray and leave it to Allah. He knows what's best for me. =)


    It's nice that you had a great time during the interview session.I hope I will too. *praying*
    awww En Chocolate? I wanna have a date with En Vanilla!

  2. congrats nyna. u made it! bgus la if you've good feeling about your interview, sbb tu tande you akan dapat!! :D, same2 la kita brdoa pd Allah utk murahkan rezeki msk tesl.

    waaa, alin suka chocs jugak, jeles2 :P

  3. Zhafa:
    I'll pray for you, kay?? :D
    Hahaha Lets!! xD

    Asal sume org congrats mcm la da dpt. haha Insya-Allah dpt... Insya-Allah semua yg mintak, berusaha, dapat.. =D

    Hehehe Sedapp! XD


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