Happy Mother's Day, Ibu!! :D

They say if you want to know how your wife will be when she's old, look at her mom. Well future-husband, in my case, that is totally inapplicable on me.

This was taken last raya. Obviously, we are of a total different! We're different:
Skin colour
Our face
Our body (I'm more... on my biological father's side)
Urgh! If you see us outside, we have nothing in common!! hahah

But we do have some similarities.
We love the colour blue.
We like peace.
We don't really like to socialize with peope. hahah (You can say we're not THAT friendly compared to my aunty. haha)
And others lagi la! XD

This was taken after Abg Alwi's wedding.

I can get emotional when it comes to this special, extraordinary, super duper talented, strong woman in my life. I know, what a cliche thesis statement. Muahaha Okay, basically it's gonna be Mother's Day tomorrow and everyone will start posting a Mother's Day post on their blog. Well, yes, I'm one of those who appreciate everything my mom did and if you don't like, you're more than welcome to leave this page. ;D

For those who stayed, thank you. 

She's my everything. 
Without her, I don't know how my life would be.
She's the only I have in this world. 
Even if I have nothing, even if we're living in a small hut with only a fist (okay, direct translation. LOL) of rice we could eat with maybe only fried anchovies or fried egg, I'd still be happy to have her in life. 
She's my BEST advisor, my life advisor, my fashion advisor, she's someone I share everything (gossips, my thoughts, everything!)
I can't simply write everything cuz there're just too many things that she did to me. haha :'D
Oh, I love you, Ibu. You know I'll always will and never stop. :'))

Haha Funny how I remember when I was a kid, my mother was telling us about her situation at the office (you know, being a single mother was never easy because people tend to have perceptions on them) and how silly of me I said to her 'Ibu, ibu cakap dgn org tu, 'eyh, don't be bad to me ar. Or else, my daughter will come and hit you'' hahaha I was just a kid. How come an adult was suppose to be scared of a kid?? haha 

And I used to give her hand-made cards. I wanted to take some pictures but she kept all the cards somewhere in a bag. Which I'm too lazy to dig it out. I didn't buy her a card. Yet. I'm planning to make another home-made card again, this year, after years of buying cards. I feel that it's not really what's in my heart. So, I decided to come out with a card. But I still haven't have any idea yet. Haha But I bought her something while I was secretly out in a store. Nothing much. 

Man! Tgn aku x nampak gemuk! XD

Honestly, before this, like most teenagers I can't see the reason why she did what she did to me. Once she asked me to wear a sandal that looked like I'm going to the dessert, and as a 9 year-old-kid-who-wants-to-feel-she's-an-adult, I rejected the idea. Years after that, I think it's cool to wear that kind of sandals. Again. haha


I thank God and her for teaching me not to eat junks since I was a kid. I didn't know what was 'Jajan' until somebody ask me to pass some 'jajan' to her. I was taught to eat bread instead. I'm so thankful for that. At least I won't be hungry if I live overseas. Muahaha 

As a daughter, of course if possible I want to live with her in a big house... 

Maybe something like this... 
This is The Oval. It's somewhere near KLCC. Very nice.

Okay, indirectly I've helped someone to promote a Zehn house at Bukit Pantai.
[cont.] take her with me in a big, expensive four wheel drive.. 
For those who don't know, this is Cayenne S.

Range Rover - Drive your dream
Obviously, Range Rover.

BMW X6. Pretty cool.

Okay. I think I better stop before I go quite a long way with what car I wish to have. 

I want to give her everything that she wants! But then, after the incident that happened in 2006, the year which I lost my uncle, she lost her brother, from 5 siblings to only 4 left.. she began to realize that no matter how much you try to achieve in your life, if it's worldly matter, you can't bring 'em with you into the grave. When I ask her what does she want as a birthday gift or anything? She said 'Ibu tak nak apa2 da. Ibu nak gi Umrah je. Pastu kalau sempat, buat Haji'. I really wish I could bring her to umrah. If I have the money, I wouldn't wait to sign her up to go for Umrah this year. Or anytime. Sometimes, it's just frustrating when you can't give what your loved ones want. And that, will be a motivation for me to work harder so I can give her more. In any way possible.


I love my mom so much that I even love it when she nags. Cuz that means she still care for me. :))) Sometimes, when she bising2 'Semua nak kena Ibu ingatkan', I just smile. Haha As long as I can still hear her voice calling my name, as long as I can see right in front of me, as long as I can feel her touch, as long as I can smell her, (jeez. I'm crying), Idc what she does as long as I can have her by my side, she'll live inside of me. Forever. :')

Ibu, you mean more than the world to me. Sometimes I wonder why God sent you to me, because I don't think I deserve such an angel like you. (OMG, seriously like crying now!) If you're not in my life, I don't think my life is a life worth to live anymore. You were the one who kept me going, who's there for me. Always. Nothing and no one can ever replace you. I love you so so so so so so so so so much, Ibu! :'D

It's not just today that I celebrate mother's day. I celebrate the existence of my mother every second of my life.

To all the mothers in the world, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYS!!! :DD May Allah bless you always and may you have the best in this life and in the after life. :DD

P.s.: Thinking of buying her the cap since she looked interested in it just now. :D

P.s.s.: Mane aci asyik org lain je yg wish Ibu dulu!! :( I wanna be the first jugak!! X)

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