Hajah Aisyah 15th Family Day 2011 | Day 1

Hello!!! :D Apo khaba ore sano?? Harap sehat2 belake deyh.. XP

I honestly, somehow kept a promise to myself to not come to the east cost at least 5 years after my SPM. Due to "phobia" with my MRSM experience. hehe Anyway,  let's cut the story short by jumping straight to when we (me, my mom and mak long) first came to Villa Danialla Beach Resort. We arrived there around 3 or 4pm, around that time, tumpang kereta Wau Penyu. Alhamdulillah, we arrived there safely. 


I was starstruck. It was soooo beautiful!

White tables and white chair.. 

If I were to have a beach wedding here, this would be the place where they put all the presents! hehe

This would be the bride's table. Makan2 at this table.

What a beautiful tree!

Hmm.,.. I still don't know what to do with this space.

Yes. The first thought I had with my first step in here was, 'OMG...this place is soooo beautiful I could have my own wedding beach here!'. It's a perfect place if you wanna do a wedding beach here. :DD Seriously. It got blue with lil bit white pattern painted on the ceiling giving it a calm and unique design, with the white tables with flowers on it and white chairs it's so English! Plus, I'm sure ya'll know how much I love blue! hehehe 

Later when we checked in and got our room, we were even more starstruck! The room was freaking spacious!!

One queen bed and two single bed.

Very spacious. Can ehem2 some more there. XD

It got wood ceiling

Seriously the room and the bathroom were spacious I feel that 'Is this a place for honeymoon couples??'. haha And really, I don't mind making out in that spacious bathroom alone with my hubby since it's so wide you can do it anywhere! hahaa Okay, let's not go astray. XD

As I was too excited with the bathroom, and coincidentally the sun was shining brightly, well, what happen when Nyna Roxford meets sunshine??
Camwhoring!! XD

Alang2 it's been a while since I last camwhoring, I camwhored like hell!! XDD

Lastly without make up. ahahah

And later that evening, we went to the beach to look at the sea water. I was impressed to found that the sea water is crystal clear (but of course couldn't beat Pulau Perhentian! haha) and the sand is pretty, too. 

You can still see my feet clearly, and that's in the water!!

The view from the beach of the blue dining hall I showed you above.

The swimming pool was nice! It's sea level, if you know what I mean.

That night we just chill and get ready for the next day, which is the telematch day!! :O The day where my skin changed....

*to be continued


  1. wedding beach wedding beachhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. oh my,cantiknyaaaa Vanilla resort?
    oh my boleh ehem some more?LOL nyna!

  3. Syidah:
    Hahah Angau ke wedding beach! XD

    I know righttt! XD

    Vanilla?? hahahah
    Ah yes!! Hahahaha!! XDD

  4. apa nama resort tue? kat mana nie?

  5. Izni:

    Villa Daniella Beach Resort kat Kelantan. :D


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