Going Up, Be Prepared For The Down (Read only when you're bored)

It has been such a roller coaster ride these past few weeks. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes life just got me. Oh well, dah nama pun life right? If you’ve seen my tweet, you’d probably think I’m some girl filled with negativities.... which is why I’m trying hard to be positive! hahah
And it all started with this!


I had to go out with my uncle to fetch Ibu and Mak Long at their office. I was unwell. I asked Uncle, are we stopping anywhere? He said no. So fine, with my baju rumah attire, I went out to fetch Ibu and Mak Long with my very loose t-shirt and a sort-of jeans with the length of... until half of my calf. So, it’s quite short. Later in the car, they decided to have dinner outside! I was like, SERIOUSLY??? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!! I can’t! I’m wearing shorts!! (though it’s not THAT short). Short jeans!!! And my hair was a total mess!! I just don’t look THAT ready to go out! Then, mak long tried to comfort me saying that it’s okay. Usually orang kaya go out wearing like that. Okay, that sounded quite relevant. Cuz yeah, if you notice people in KL, sometimes those yg keluar pakai singlets and shorts are the one with more money compared to those who are sanggup-papa-janji-stylish people. Not that I’m encouraging you to wear shorts and singlet, no. That’s just how some KLians look like. Especially, the Chinese. Even I was much relieve, I still feel uncomfortable. =.= Bought inai.

Right hand

Left hand

Made this image. Too late when I drew it, Rara said ‘Don’t draw anything’. I just said ‘Okay. XP’ cuz it was too late already. I’m on the finishing part already. haha Bw, never thought that the bird would appear... quite good. I thought I’m never good with drawing, or anything to do with arts? Hmm. Maybe the creativity ability in you shine brighter as you are ageing?? lol. But don’t worry Rara, inai are usually quick to fade away. Especially on people with more melanin like me. XD


On my way to work, when Uncle lock all the doors, then only he realized that the key was INSIDE of the house. So, right now, we don’t have keys to lock the gate. Apa lagi. Uncle grab all the sticks, nails and whatever that is needed to get the key, which was luckily on the table not far from the window. Haih. He should be lucky that my mom and my aunt wasn’t there, cuz if not, they would nag real hard on him. hahaha Yeah, that was the moment when I realized I’m really the quiet kind of person. If others, maybe dah bising risau itu ini. But I was just quiet. Got me thinking, damn, I think my future husband’s gonna be someone talkative. It’s always like that. One talkative and one the quiet one. haha After some hard try, he finally got the key. Thank God! :D


On Friday you got the story already. Oh I forgot to tell you about meeting the doctor.

So I was so sick for almost 3 days and mom asked me to see the doctor. And so I went to see the doctor. As I entered the room, the doctor was wearing a mask. Then I cough. I didn’t cover my mouth. Baru berapa step masuk bilik, I have not even sit yet!, she said to me ‘Girl, cover your mouth when you cough’. Then when I sit she nagged at me ‘blablabla it was on the tv and in the paper, and you still didn’t do it blablabla’. I was like, I barely even wath TV. Even so, you as a doctor should not talk to your patient with THAT tone just because you’re a datin or whatsoever. And while I was telling her about my sickness she interrupted me saying ‘Never mind. Just get straight to the point. Fever, flu, cough what else??’. I was like, man! This doctor have no real mercy or love in her. Grr. Before I went out, I coughed. This time I forgot to cover my mouth again. She said to me ‘U-uh. cover your mouth.’. Then later I found out that other patients also kinda dislike her because of her attitude. Haih. These kind of doctors are the reason why people refuse to go to the clinic though they can provide if not best, good quality of equipment and it’s only RM1. Bergh.


I slept for 10-11 hours. Under medical influence. Had a long dream. Earthquake. Tsunami, snakes, how the poison attack our body (with an image like in the Nat Geo Wild. Mesti sbb tgk how jellyfish can kill people during the day), Qber ada hantu hantar luggage warna biru jalan sorang2, was hugging someone (ehem2) with beside us was red clothe hanging like macam ada angin tiup2 from outside, then before we reach the end the clothes are white, we were hugging each other until we got outside and we’re outside we’re still holding onto each other. It was scary for us first but we were relieved.  Then I can’t remember what. It was too long. Woke up, made a good breakfast with Ibu, she was happy. I was even more happier. :D Perfect way to start the Saturday. Went to Mid. Ibu and Mak Long off to find lipstick and some... compact powder for Mak Long while I was sitting in the MPH reading books for free. Heaven! XD Then Mak Long decide to go to Robinson. Again, I went to the bookstore: Borders. Oh yeah. I bought this at MPH before we leave to head to KLCC. She couldn’t found the shoes she wants.

Ibu told me in the LRT that Mak Long gave me green light to marry ___________ (As should know this since we kinda have the same opinion about it). XP

Then at KLCC we searched for the shoes and a handbag. Mak Long got the shoes, but not the handbag. Meanwhile, I got to buy another Mark and Jacob jeans. This time, it’s black. Miehehehe. Then we head homeeee!! :D Such a tiring day but I’m happy that I massaged my mom today.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring! I’m happy that I’ll be the driver for tomorrow’s evening session heading to Melawati for some haircut. I’m not planning to cut my hair though my mom has been trying to coax me into getting one. I stand strong with my will: I’M NOT CUTTING MY HAIR SHORT! This time, I wanna have it long. I’ll just have a ½ an inch trim or an inch trim. I dunnoe. They say if you want it to grow long quicker, trim them. I think Rara told me that. Haha

Okay, I can see stars flying around my head now. Had medicine around 10. Wasn’t sleepy before, and was wondering too why I’m not sleepy. Rupanya sekali dia hentak rasa ngantuk, I can see butterflies and stars aligned together around my head like stars moving around our planet. 

Happy Sunday!!...and

Happy Mother’s Day!! :D

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