Episode 2 of 2

*continuation* (Obviously, haha)

Abby slowly open her eyes to the bright sunshine that’s coming through the see through curtain. And lying next to her that morning is, Derek. He’s looking down at her who was just opening her eyes to the sound of the trains slowly subsiding outside their apartment. Flashes of what happened last night are still pretty clear in her mind.

“Good morning”, he said to her in his husky voice. With a contented smile, Abby replied the same. For a moment, both of them looked at each other, it’s as if they’re speaking through their eyes. 

I miss you, Abby..
I miss you more..
I love you..
I love you more, Derek..

Derek gave her a kiss on the forehead. Abby, who was lying on her tummy, turn to lay next to Derek. She lay closer to Derek, till she can her his heartbeat, hugging him.

“I’ve been quite lost, without you”

“Well, now you’re here darling”

She smelled him. The smell that she has been missing all this time; his own smell. Abby just listened to the heartbeat. Dup Dap. Dup Dap. Dup Dap. Such a calm rhythm, she thought.

Abby looks up to him and give him a kiss. Then, she turned away, took the blanket and wrapped it around her body to get into the bathroom. Derek just watched her. He loved Abby so much that seeing her from far was enough to make him smile. Abby got out of the bathroom with a towel and went to the closet to pick up a lovely white, Greece-goddess-like dress to wear for the day.

“You’ll look beautiful in that”, Derek said, breaking the comfortable silence. Abby just smile.

“Ohhh shut up, Derek. Go and clean yourself”, she said, smiling, looking at him. Derek gave a small laugh.

After they’re all done, dressed up, they sit at the end of the bed together- next to each other. Both look out the window. There are so many people walking down the street, all probably heading to go to work. Then, they turn to look at each other. For a while, they just stare at each other. They felt the warmth in their heart, that cold on their feet, and suddenly the heart beats fast as if meeting for the first time. Abby looked away and stood up, looking all tall with her 4 inch heels white gladiator shoes to match with the dress. Before she head to the door, she gave a kiss to Derek.

“Send my love to Alyssa and Joshua”, she whispered.

“I will”.

Abby walked to the door, turned the door knob, she looked at Derek, who knows, maybe this is the last time she could see him in her life, and smiled. A smile that’s warm, contented, and full of love. Derek, mesmerized, stunned with the beauty, smiled too. Abby takes another step to walk out the door and leave the room. Off she go into the world, being an angel, a saviour to the people who need her. And Derek, the devil, still in his world, doing his job and at the same time, taking care of their children. He’s do it, he’d do it, because he loves Abby, despite the dirty jobs he do. It’s a two contradicting world, but two people, are joined by a force that’s greater than anything, to let love in.

P.s.: LOL. What a crap. haha Sorry I changed the tense used. x)

P.s.s.: What do you think about the hidden layered message I tried to convey here?? 

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