Episode 1 of 2

Before you begin, let me just remind you, this post is a bit 18-and-above-kind-of-thing. 

It’s a cold night. There are not many cars around but you can hear sounds of people laughing coming out from a diner restaurant, gangster boys whispering in the alley. It’s not really a safe city, but it’s where she grew up. Abby continues walking despite the cold air is getting a good grip on her. She tighten the jacket around her and hug herself tightly so she felt warm while walking on the pavement. She dressed up for that night. She wanna let loose. 

All the while she was walking, she only look down albeit she knows where she’s heading to. She listens to her own thumping of foot. She’s trying to listen to it carefully though there are noises around. She’s trying to listen to the pattern of her walking. Why? She doesn’t even know why. She just felt like doing so.

Abby thought, maybe there’s nothing in this world that she needs. Some people are just in your life for temporary. But that’s not what she wants. She wants them to be permanent, to stay. She wanted to say those words, she wanted to share, she wanted to tell the truth. But it’s always the truth that people won’t listen to and of course, it’s the thing they can’t accept. Even if she tried, nobody really respect her thoughts. All she’ll get is mocking. Mocking, mocking and mocking. Sometimes, she’s just too frustrated with the world. Sometimes, she felt like committing suicide. Sometimes, Abby feels like she wants to go underground. You know, she’s tired of being this "good girl". Tired of being confused, what she really must be- though the answer is clear. A few more steps and she’s there, to the place that she’ll go when she turned dark.

She stands in front of it. Hesitating for a moment, undecided of what to do. Anxiously, she taps her feet, thinking to enter or not. To go in, or not to go in. To go in, or not to go in. And it keeps on repeating at the back of her head. Somewhere, somehow a voice whisper in a soft tone, ‘You’re here. Why not just give it a go?’. Like the cat in Alice in Wonderland. And off, the voice disappear.

Abby took a step towards the door. And another. She pushed the black, antique door open and she’s finally got into the club. It’s full of people. Very hard to move around. And it’s hot, too. Music are banging loud on the speaker. Couples making love everywhere. She doesn’t know where she’s heading, but she just went inside. Moving through the crowd. Suddenly she saw a figure that seems like what she was hoping to see. Something inside her tells, that’s it. That’s the one. So she went up to him and they didn’t say anything except kiss as their ‘Hello’. He seems to be replying her the kiss. A few seconds later, she pull off the kiss and take him to the dance floor. She doesn’t care if others look, she know they’re all dissolved into their own wild world. All she know is, she’s dancing with this man to every beat of the music. As they were dancing, the man she just knew, Derek, starts to show his real skin. His skin is turning red, two little horns are coming out of his forehead and slowly a devil’s tail growing out from behind. The club is getting hotter. It seems like the smoke in the room is getting thicker. Nobody can see anybody now, and Abby is lost in her own little music world. She just wanna let it all out. But Derek, he’s taking her into his world. And a thicker white, grayish smoke appear from the floor, particularly around them and it’s slowly folding Abby and Derek into one. Not another second, both of them are gone from the club, and it's not through the exit door.

What do you think happened to her?

P.s.: This is not a I'mtryingtobeawriter kind of post. Just trying to be creative in expressing. ;p

P.s.s.: Guhhhhh!!! Maluuuu!!! XP

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