Day 19 | My Best Sexual Experience

Hohohoho I had thoughts and doubts about posting this at first. If I post it,  then for sure people will change their perception on me. People wouldn't expect I've done it. Well, I'm unpredictable. ;p

Hmm... which one should I tell ya?? Cuz I can't really remember it all.. it was amazing! Actually, I can choose to talk about my best or worse sexual experience, but who wants to remember the bad ones, right? So, let's just talk about the good one! ;D

Alright! I remember, we went out that day. Me and this guy, which I will never disclose his details. Sorry! xP We went out that day to a nearby mall (JE!!) and we round the mall, went to the bookstore, had our meals and stuff. Then later we decided to go outside. I mean like, go somewhere with nature... at first I was reluctant... considering that I should be going home already. Then out of nowhere my mouth agreed to that. I said 'yes'.

Well, yeah, it's a cliche story. Macam biasa la. Ala.. macam korang tak tau kan..? Then when we reached Taman Tasik Perdana. He parked the car in front of a view that's sooo beautiful. Then we start to talk our hearts out.. we talked about quite lots of things... our life, our deep hidden feelings, and from there... it just started...

And the rest is history. Period.

So now you know. I know you'll be like, OMG! Nyna has done it!! :O But it was just once. Really.

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