Day 19 | My Best Sexual Experience | Part 2

Wahhh ada part 2 uols!! Sevonok ye cerita pasal benda2 cam ni kat orang?? Okay, think whatever you wanna think.

Okay. I can't stand it. I'm a good girl. hahahah I know I know. Some have said but not really telling me straight in the face expecting it's a joke from me. ahahaha

Okay, okay. Fine. I'll tell you the truth. Especially, to those yg read and senyap2 fikir entah apa2. hahah

Hek engkau! Kau ingat aku dah senang2 buat?? Hahahah You don't know me. And if I tell you one story, and you'll believe me?? Straight away?? Without considering who I really am?? Hahaha Oh wait. I forgot. You don't really know me. Or what you know of me was too little from who I really am. haha Hellooo ingat aku nak keluar senang ke? Nak keluar dgn kawan perempuan pun susah, ni kan pulak kawan laki. Hohoho Time aku asasi je la aku dah boleh free sikit to go with my friends. Ye la, kalau tak, pening mak aku nak call parents sorang2 bagi tau aku keluar ngan diorg.To tell you the truth, before I go out with anyone, my mom must know where I'm going, with whom I'm going, and she must know the family first, or speak to the parents acknowledging that I'm going out with their daughters. hahaha Oh come on lah, me?? Doing that?? Only in my imagination, and that's with my handsome George! hahahah

Conclusion is; I've never done it.

Nope. Nada. Never. I'm proud to say that I thanked my mom for being strict with me, cuz that way, I wasn't exposed to doing bad things, though I'm a so-called KL girl. Bangga la tak ramai yang jadi KL girl and still have their dignity okay? Ramai yang nak ikut trend la, apa la, ada yang baru datang KL culture shock terus habis kena sapu dgn laki. Sorry, but I'm not that type. :) And I'm proud to say that:

I've never been to a club before.
I've never kissed any guy that is not my relative. Heck, yang relative pun aku tak kiss okay! Girls only!
I've never had sex
I've never drink
I've never done drugs
I've never go round KL late night

Call me a loser, I don't care. As long as aku tak nampak loser to my Creator sudah. :D

If you really know me, you'd know I'd never do that. :) Tak percaya boleh tanya kawan lama saya sejak sekolah rendah, Nisa. =)

Say whatever you want, judge me whatever you want, I know who I am, and I know I'll NEVER EVER do pre-marital sex. And I mean it. I won't be like this someone who told me that he/she has never done sex, when it's obvious, he/she had. All his/her friends know about it. But that's not me. I won't do it.

I know I know, forgive me for my lack of talent in being a joker. XD


P.s.: Can't blame them if they judge me. Dah tu siapa suruh buat joke mcm tu, Nina oii? 
P.s.s.: Now I can sleep in peace. XD

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