Day 18 | To Do List

Hello all! 

In case you forgot the challenges. XD

Yes, I'm still not done with my 30 days challenge. I know I've postponed it too many days already, but it doesn't mean I'm stopping okay?? :D I'm still on it. Just had... well, you know, stuffs in life.

Anyway. Moving on. My to do list:

1. Check out latest news about EDUCATION, especially what's happening in our country. MEDSI! MEDSI! O.o

2. Reconstruct my room. As in, spring cleaning my room so I can use it to its max potential (LOL) during degree. Hopefully. Insya-Allah.

3. Tell Kim about the two.. oh wait, maybe 4 days leave to work... 2 days for Medsi, then another 2 days for the family holiday.

I think that's all kot. Other chores as usual. Hmm. Sorry. Not really in the mood lately. So many things happen. Besides, it's kinda tiring when you're working from Tuesday - Saturday (about 7 hours for Sat). And even if working for 4 hours, it's still tiring. Handling kids is not easy. You work your brain (how to psycho them) and your body (of course). No life is easy. Entahlah. This is what happened when you keep so many things inside.


  1. eh nyna!ko dok kat umah ke nanti time degree?? dok wat spring cleaning sgala bagai..huahhaa~

  2. Dyanne:
    Haha Tak tahu lagi... kalau dapat UM, insya-Allah aku mesti balik tiap2 minggu...KOT! haha Just preparing. Lame dah abandon bilik ni pun.. XD

  3. handling kids seriously SANGAT-SANGAT SUSAH..huh~..skrg aku sgt respect siapa yg boleh handle kids well..:D


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