Day 16 | A Drunken Story

When was the last time I posted my not-going-according-to-plan30dayschallenge?? XD

Hahaha Well, which part you wanna read first? A mini drunken story or something quite major story?? Hahaha

Mini drunken story:

This incident happened when I was younger. Standard 5 to be exact. I joined the school cheer leading team. Errr.. yes. I know you're trying to imagine the big fat me being a cheerleader. Well, I wasn't THAT fat during standard 5 compared to now. haha I was only one of the cheerleader when I was in my primary school. haha So, to practice our cheer, we had to come to school almost every evening to practice. Maybe if some of you knew me well enough, you’ll know how much of overprotective my mother is. Or at least, was.  She’s less overprotective now compared to those days. I can go a long way about this overprotective thingy. But, shhh. hahah

My friends wanted to go to McD. And I, of course I wanted to join my friends too. Though I know if I tell my mom about it, she won’t give green light. So, what I did was, I told her I was going to the library. haha That time, and until now, the McD is just a walk away from the school. Those who live in Setiawangsa should know. :P So, I went to McD. But! Yes, there’s a but! I brought a cap with me. And I wore it all along since I stepped out of the school compound to go to McD. Cuz I remember my mom told me ‘Nina jangan tipu Ibu... Kawan Ibu ramai kat situ... kalau Nina pergi mana2 kawan Ibu kenal’. Well, of course, she’s worked in that company for years! And most of her colleague knew me. So I sat at a chair which will hide me from the faces of the people around. Well, at least I’m a bit “hidden”. I remember I saw one of my mom’s friend, he was buying something and I just looked down. haha And on the way back, I don’t know how I got a lil bit crazy, I pushed the button at the parking machine. You know the one before you enter a parking area and you have to press the button so you’ll get the ticket? 

Yes, THAT machine. And when the ticket was out, we looked at each other for a moment, then I just put the ticket on top of the machine. hahah

Guess I was crazy since I was young, no? XD

Major drunken story:

This happened during my asasi. Muahaha It was 9p.m. We just finished our solat hajat thingy and everyone is tired. So we went to the bus stop in front the apartment and we saw one UiTM bus. Unfortunately, the bus driver wasn’t there. Everyone started cursing and grumbling about how tired they were and wondering where the heck is the bus driver. I don’t remember who started it first. We decided to open the bus’s door on our own. Yes. ON OUR OWN!! Can you believe it?? hahah 

I think Maryam Lee was one of them who tried to open the bus’s door but failed. The first time I got in I failed, too. Then, waiting got a bit more longer, I was hesitating whether should or shouldn’t I get into the bus and open the door? I was like, kesian jugak tengok diorang penat duduk kat luar. And then I got in the bus. It was dark (obviously). Then, I tried pushing and pressing some buttons. Then I pushed this one button, walla! The door was open!! I remember Syidah, Yong, Dyanne and Nurin were among the first to got in. Some refused to get in. I assumed they just don’t want to get into trouble. 

Imagine there's more buttons and switches everywhere around there. =.=

Then I can see that there’s a man standing at the back of the bus. Then the man came to the bus’s door asking ‘Siapa yang bukak pintu?!!’ with quite loud and scary voice. Of course I was scared as hell. To not make things worse and besides the fact that I’m not the kind of person who will never not admit my mistakes, I admitted that I was the one who opened it. And you know, yadda yadda he said what if something bad happened? What if the bus suddenly moves forward? 

I was just quiet. 

That’s the best thing I could do. I apologized to him and I just sat there quietly. I was quite scared. haha And I thought, what he said was true. What if something happened? What if the bus suddenly move forward and it crashed into the building?? Hmm. Thank God nothing happened. And as Maryam Lee entered the bus, I asked her to sit beside me. Because, you know, she kinda have this fierce aura and I think that made me comfortable because I feel as if she’s protecting me. Hahah She even comforted me. haha Thanks Maryam for doing that to me. And thanks too to others who just watched me getting scold. LOL ;P

At the end of the journey (which was phew~) I apologized to him again and he said he wasn’t mad at me (tak tau lah ayat penyedap hati ke ape), but whatever it is, I LEARNED MY LESSON!

So guys, never try to open the bus’ door without the driver inside! Hehe 

Don't be naughty ya!! XD

P.s.: Izni, I'll post it soon, insya-Allah. Still collecting ideas and drafting. :)

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