Can You Hide Your Flaws?

First of all, this post has no intention of showing off I’m a good person or whatsoever that you may think. This post, was made by a request from one of my dear friend, Izni Nabilah after I posted this in my previous entry.

Secondly, I know who I am, and I know where I stand and I think I’m very well aware of the fact that I am in no position to be telling this or sharing this with you, when I myself am not that goodie-good.

However, with this post, I hope we will become more clear of certain things and together purify or change ourselves for the better of us all.

For a reason I believe we all have our own flaws. But I personally believe that each and every one of us have our very own flaws that either could be different or similar with others. I’m a very much quiet person, if you know me well. I used to be a very quiet girl. They say silent people have the loudest mind. Being in that shoes, I gave my full agreement to the statement. There was a time in my life when I knew what kind of person (s)he is from the very first few sentence they speak. Call me judgmental, most of it were true. But then, as I start to socialize around, I began to lose that so called "talent" of recognizing people. So back to the question; How to hide your black dots?

I’ve been thinking about this day and night and forgive me if it’s not the right solution for you. Maybe what you need is a solution of a higher concentration. haha

1. Know yourself

I think it’s really reaaaally important for you to know yourself FIRST. In every situation, know yourself. You must know what’s your strengths, your weaknesses, your soft spot, every-single-thing about you!

2. Accept who you are

Once you know who you are, you must accept yourself as you are. Nobody can do that for you unless you do it yourself first. It’s almost the same concept as loving yourself first before you can love others. Once you know your weaknesses, you must accept it. You can’t force yourself to go beyond the limit, unless you know you are capable of doing so, which in the first place shouldn’t be your weaknesses. 



Read it again, slooowwwwly

If you that is your maximum line, don’t cross it. Don’t over do it cuz you might not know going beyond the extend could hurt others along the way. I know it’s too complicated for you to understand.

It’s like this; imagine in your hand there are 2 sticks. One, is the wooden, broken from the tree, brown stick. And on the other hand is another fresh and green stick. Try to break the first one. It’s easy. Cuz the stick is too hard. You can easily break it into two. Try the other stick, the one with the fresh green one. Can you easily break it into two? No, right? Yes, you can break it but it’s not that easy. 

Moral of the story is: Don’t be too strong for you’ll easily be broken down. Jangan terlalu keras, nanti senang orang nak patahkan. You must be soft but not that easy for people to break you down. This is life. You must learn your ways so you can survive, right? The concept is something like that. =.= Errr... I hope you get the message.

3. Smile

I think we all know the importance of smile, right? Even if you don’t feel like smiling, just smile. Give your smile to others, who knows they might need your smile? When you smile, you’re inviting happiness. And happiness is good for your health! It helps you to strengthen your antibody! So smile! :D

4. Good attitude

Seriously, if you go anywhere with a smile, a good attitude, nobody will hate you. Even if there are people who will talk back just to bring you down, stay true to yourself and believe that Allah is with those who are patient. These people are just jealous sometimes. And if you have haters, no worries, dear. Haters are philosophically known as ‘Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success'. So, chill! Be good to others, but don’t let yourself gone for good! XD

5. Don’t be too close

This might sound a bit awkward and may have caused you to say ‘erk?’. But really, I think if you keep yourself a good distance from others, and you apply all the above, appreciating yourself, always smiling, good attitude, you’ll exert a positive vibe to others. People will start to wonder, don’t this person have problems in his/her life? haha 

Besides, you have to learn how to differentiate between those people who are just interested in your life episodes with those who are willing to be in your life episode. Get what I mean? Sometimes, some people act like they care because they just wanna know the story. Whereas, there are other people who really care about you they’re willing to hear your stories and help you get through it all, not just being busy body. Learn how to pick your friend: someone you deserve. It’s not that I’m saying oh-don’t-befriend-with-those-who-are-bad. You can try to change those people for the better, and who knows you might get the bestest friend ever! My point is, becareful in choosing your friend. Kawan bukan untuk dunia je, untuk akhirat jugak. You don't want people to see your weaknesses, then don't get too close/attached to them. Simple. Ada pahammm?? :D

Sometimes, flaws are beneficial to others in terms of the flaws that we have is a lesson for them not to be like us, or have any of the flaws that we have. We don't want to spread the flaws, don't we? :) It's like a disease. It comes with pain, still, for every disease there must be a cure. :)

Basically, everyone has their own flaws. It’s the matter of how you control it (why am I thinking of syringe and volume???). Dear, it’s okay to have flaws, it’s okay not to be okay, because that’s how God wants us to remember that we’re not perfect and we must always seek for His guidance to be on the right path. 

Perhaps an individual may be outwardly committing mistakes, but perhaps internally such an individual is struggling and fighting every time he or she makes those errors. Perhaps in some people’s eyes, such individuals are ‘sinners.’ But perhaps in the Sight of Allah, these individuals are more beloved to Allah because of their struggle; more beloved to Him than of us who can easily fall into feeling arrogant about our Islamic activism, our Islamic appearance, or our ‘hard-core’ connection with the Rabb al-`alameen (Lord, Master, Provider and Sustainer of all the worlds). We need to be careful. Are we really connected? Am I really connected?
And do not get me wrong: the struggle of those who are trying to stay straight, to dress properly, to please Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala is a weighty, honorable and noble one. May Allah make us amongst those He uses to spread His deen (way of life), those whom He guides and keeps guided, and those who wear the dress that pleases Him, both externally and internally, ameen.
But for those of us who might have ‘been there’ and left it, and then feel arrogant that we’re no longer involved in the “ways of the sinners,” and perhaps even might feel better than others because we’re so pure and special, then my advice to myself is what Umar ibn al Khattab used to say, “Take account of yourselves before you are audited.”

Sometimes, we keep giving people advices, things to do, what to do as if we are the right one. Sometimes, we arrogantly tell others, giving our words, feeling triumph and superior, we forgot  Who gave it to us first. And sometimes we follow others so we could appear “right” in others eyes. But, we forgot whether are we right in the Sight of Allah??? Istighfar... I should be saying this to myself. Shame on me.

P.s.: Sorry for posting it late.


  1. Oh god. I love you for writing this!
    Seriously, I'm facing a major problem on putting a poker face.
    I'm not that good in hiding my feelings.
    People can easily see me through as if I'm a transparent sheet.

    SIGHS. ):

  2. nyna,nice post :)
    i like the 'those people who are just interested in your life episodes with those who are willing to be in your life episode' part! i understand wat u mean

  3. Nash:
    Thank you, Nash. :)
    Me too. In fact, I think I'm worse, cakap je tau, buatnya tidak! haha :|

    Thanks. :)
    Kan? haha


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