Being Blind Or Ignorant?

I just finished watching an awesome, super fantastic, filthy rich with lessons movie. Before I actually watched it in my lappy, I saw the ad in the TV. Uh-huh. It's called The Blind Side. Yup, the one with Sandra Bullock in it (she's awesome!!).

Now, let's cut to the chase and I'll tell you what I've got from it. I think if I were to use the Leximancer kind of way extracting data from the movie, the concepts of this movie would revolve around lessons and teachers. Okay, I just explained to you using research methodology. LOL XD

You can see the difference between true teachers and well, just teachers. My aunt used to say that, a real teacher is a teacher that changes a student from zero to hero. I don't think you're a real teacher if you only want to teach the bright kids. Because it's easy. I know that. And I wouldn't lie to say I like teaching smart kids because it's easy. But who am I to tell this, no? My experience as a teacher is not much compared to those who have been a teacher for decades! It takes a lot to be a great teacher, and it's not an easy task to do. :) Anyways, Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers out there!! :D Got to get myself used to wishing my friends HTD now. ;P

I'm amazed how someone insignificant can change your whole life! Yeah, these insignificant people are what people call stupid, fat, or maybe black, are the people that make changes in your life, whether you realize it's big or small. How funny it is... they call themselves a fully-developed country when they still have that piece of lame mentality in their minds. And yes, I'm talking about racist people. But hey, apa ni cakap pasal negara orang tengok dulu la negara sendiri. Well, I've no comment on that and I love my country, I love the many races and I'm happy with it. LOL, I'm not going into politics so please, don't try to relate any politics to this post, yea? Peace! :D

I could write more, but I think you'll get the picture. Basically, it's an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME movie! I won't spill anymore of it to you, what I'm gonna say is, DO WATCH IT!!

P.s.: Watched Nat Geo Wild. It's heartbreaking to see a lion's mouth is torn out.. he can't eat nor drink... just waiting for it's time to die.. I could cry if I watched more.. If I were there, I would give a seductive shot to make it go to sleep and amend his mouth. Or maybe I'll get a proper vet. :( And it got me thinking, I'm so lucky to be able to still eat properly with my mouth. These are the little things that we took for granted, and we forgot its value in our life. Sometimes, the food taste bitter when you suddenly remember all those animals who can't eat to continue their lives, people, kids that are starving in a war.. .probably craving for a piece of bread in miracle.. My pray is with them. :'( God please bless them all..


  1. nyna,i watch the blind side too! Such an amazing story :)

  2. Fns:
    It really is an awesome movie rytee! :)


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