Yesterday Was A Blessed Day

Hello there!

Have you ever met someone, that when you see them, you somehow feel sympathy for them because you feel like they're lacking something in their life and it's as if they're lost in their own life? I did feel that. I kinda feel sorry for that particular person. I feel like, if LOVE is what he needs (oops. slipped the gender already!  XP), then I'm willing to give alllll the love I had on him. Because I know I was brought up in a very loving family (especially from my mom). I know I had too much of love since it was one of the issue that me and my former bestfriend used to argue about. Old story, don't wanna uncover it again. ;p Seriously, I feel like, boy, I think you need some guidance. I feel like, if only I'm good enough for him, I'm willing to help him to be on the right path. Because along the way helping him finding the right path, I'm sure Allah will help me too. Allah is All Rich. Sometimes, this heart fell so easy. And no, I don't mean love as in THAT love. Just the love for another human being. :)

Today I get to teach my Jay Sean again!!! Weeee!!! I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!! Until this moment I'm typing this! haha He's so smart, so adorable, never stop makes me wanna hug that little cute kid!! :D At that moment I had to teach 2 kids. Both are 3 years old. But one is a bit slow. Had to give more attention to her. And Jay Sean was trying to seek my attention. Kids. Haha The part that touched me was, when a teacher came into the room, indirectly saying the teacher wants to teach him, Jay Sean said "That teacher (pointing to me) must teach me!". And then he said to me "You must teach me!" in a goody goody little kid kind of tone. Awwww... that's so sweet! He wants me only to teach him! Awww Seriously I feel like crying! haha Arghhh!! That cute little kid!

It's saddening to know that people don't miss me. No, I'm not trying to steal the idea from Maya's blog. Hell no. And yeah, it's just sad. Maybe to some, ignorance is bliss.

THIS is what I’m feeling right now..

Been in that place for a while. Virtually. And I just don't think I can handle some part of it. I need more knowledge, more strength and courage if God were to send me there. I know, it's not easy. And right now I don't think I am THAT strong enough. Maybe I'll make a post in the future about what I've been thinking regarding that issue. MAYBE.

This is all I could do; just watching.

Howeverrrr! In life, you can't run from being sad, angry or frustrated. So that's when YOU must channel yourself into a different boat! :D Well, in this case, I must channel myself la! X)

You know, I'm not always the luckiest girl alive. Some people think I'm lucky. Well, to be honest, in a way, I do think I'm lucky and in a way, I don't. And to tell you another honest thing about me is that I've stopped asking my mom to give me things that I want. Wait, before I go on, I don't want anybody to 'terasa' ke ape ke. I meant no harm. Chill! :) When I was younger, immature, not being much of an understanding person when I think I'm the most understanding person in the world (haha), I kept asking my mom, 'Bu, nak ni! Bu, nak hp niiii!! Bu, nak mainan cashier!'. Haha I've stopped asking because I know I couldn't have it. I have to work really hard (in terms of money) if I want it. But of course, I still ask my mom for things I know I can have it. But just the little things la. So, what was it about? Haih, a paragraph long and we're still not there yet! XP

I've been wanting to go to the Book Fair since ages! Okay, well, since in my school era. But it seems that time and money are always jealous of me. XP For years I wanted to go, but only once or twice my wish was fulfilled, I stopped asking if I can go there. Out of the blue, yesterday in the car, Ibu asked me whether I want to go or not to the book fair. Of course I wanted to go! We'll just have to look at the schedule. Hope it won't be too busy this week. :)

Oh. I got a Medsi test this Saturday at SMK Cochrane. I hope I'll do my best! :D

Terharu baca blog Qida!! Especially this post! haha Awww you make me shy! XD Tak pe la, orang nak kata aku perasan, kata lah.

I fell, I stand up and I can still smile! =)
Alhamdulillah.. :))

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