Weird DreamSSS *Add in spooky sound like in haunted house*

Some believe in dreams and some don’t. Well, sometimes dreams can give you a hint and sometimes dreams are just nothing but the devil’s game in your mind (Remnant’s Bloom, 2E, 2011). After the day Nash told me she dreamed about me and some other girls were at a school or something, and we were being DIVA... me complaining about my nails and Nash was trying to cool me down, I had dreams. Weird, funny and absurd dreams. Hahah

Dream 1

The next day, I dreamt that my mom and I were at my previous school, MRSM Kuala Berang. It was night. I don’t know what the hell we were doing at night there. haha It was very dark, of course. Then there was this one time, we got lost to a big, empty field surrounded by large trees. It was scary. Then there’s a van sending people (I don’t know what’s the purpose of the van being there late at night when it’s suppose to be lights off, and when it’s lights off it usually means nobody should be awake, but this is a dream, mind you) and me and Nash got into it. Then he drop me off at one point, alone. I was scared, but not long after that the van reversed, the van door opened and it looked as if Nash just vomit in the bus. I think it was bad sampai tudung pun tercabut. And like a drunken girl, she played with her BB. =.= Hahaha

Dream 2

This one is funny. I was at a basketball court or something like that. I have this fast, flashing images that a young, Chinese, athletic guys (I’m not into athletic guys, though. He’s a swimmer) was like... into me. And then at the basketball court, I was sitting next to an old, Chinese guy. I think he's the father of that young Chinese guy who was into me. I think the son was Ah Seng and the father was Ah Keng or something. Hahaha But I can tell he’s a rich guy. He said he likes me. I was surprised and kinda felt irritated. I asked him ‘Why ME??’. Then he replied, ‘Because the way you sit.. it’s all graceful. It’s like... comel molek’. I was like.... WTH???!!! 

Comel molek. 



Imagine him telling me he likes me. Ergh. Dunia nak kiamat dah tuuu XD
You gotta be kidding me! haha Though he kinda reminds me of Jimmy Choo.. hmm. Maybe I don't mind marrying him after all IF he really was Jimmy Choo. Hahaha Oh Nina! Get back to reality! 

Then at another place: staircase. I was with another guy, I think he’s younger than the old guy. We were going downstairs then suddenly there’s a cobra in front of us. The head was of triangle shape. =.= Scary, but not so scary since I’ve dreamed about snakes most of the time. =.=’ A friend of mine from CBN was there, Najwa with her friends. 

Next thing, my friend and I, we were going to the ladies. Ala.. you know what girls do when they go to the ladies? Touch up here and there. Hahah Then when we’re about to go out, my friend noticed that the guy (I guess it’s the old guy, cuz something tells me that he’s the guy that likes me but I’m avoiding him. I had flashing images that he was on his way to somewhere and there were a few assistant around him trying to get his decision on some important things. Man, really sounds like typical Korean drama. haha) was going to come our way and she took my hand and we quickly run back into our lecture hall. It was funny cuz we acted like little kids playing at the playground. She was pulling my hand so we could get into the lecture hall fast and I almost fell and it looked as if Nyna terseret. haha

Dream 3

This one, I was at a camp or something. There were people wearing red shirts and I was wearing blue shirts. Then suddenly there’s this one woman telling those who were wearing the blue shirt must change it to red shirt. I saw a few friends. I saw Faiz, too. He was talking to a girl. He looks so excited though. So yeah. Haha Then tiba-tiba I went outside of the place to see a woman selling yong tau fu (damn... rindu nak makan yong tau fu kat pasar malam intec) and I went to the stall to buy it. It was nice. I found out that I didn’t have enough money. Then Nadia Zulkifli, another CBN friend, she wanted to go inside to take her money. Knowing that I didn't have enough money, I said I wanted to follow her since she's going to take some money from her bag. Then I saw my handbag outside, I was like *gasping* Why is my handbag outside?? Why did I forget to put it in the room!! Then suddenly Faiz (again) went to buy the yong tau fu. Funny we didn’t talk. Or maybe he didn’t realize me there. Hmm. Never mind. Then this is the best part! Hahahaha It happened at another place. First I was in a somekind of lab with Mark Harmon a.k.a. Agent Gibbs in NCIS. 

Mark Harmon a.k.a. Agent Gibbs.

Jap, nak letak more pics.
Mark Harmon - young mark harmon
This was him back then. Handsome rightttt? XD Source

And this, too. *drooling* Source

I think he still look handsome though he's old. Not that I'm into older men that are THAT old. Heheh Okay, ini dah lari topic. XP

I think he was wearing a glove that contain magnesium that, if exposed into air could cause explosion. I know. I know. This is A DREAM, for crying out loud! And I dreamt that Ziva was there!! 

The Ziva that Tony actually likes, I think.

She was the villain!! Haha And she was like trying to stop me from stopping her doing the bad thing. I was like, catch me if you can! Muahaha And I ran as fast as I could before her to get to Gibbs telling him that it’s dangerous blablabla (couldn’t remember). I was running FAST LIKE A CHEETAH. HELLLL YEAHH!! Hahaha But when I got to the room, Ziva was already there. And I was like,damn! But she didn’t show to Gibbs that she’s the villain, or maybe Gibbs didn’t know she was the villain. Whichever. If I'm not mistaken when Gibbs asked her what's up, she just pushed her face into something that looks like the mop. You know the mop "hair"?? Yeah. That one. haha

Imagine there were a few of it and Ziva was putting her face in them. Euww. So much of being the villain! bahaha XD

I think I saw Tony was behind there somewhere and McGee was behind him. But the attention wasn’t much on them though. 

I know some things are ridiculous. Wait. Correction. I think EVERYTHING is ridiculous in dreams! Haha And it's even more reidiculous when you know things that are not said. That's the problem with dreams, YOU JUST KNOW! haha

Speaking of dreams... I don't know why but I have this IMAGINATION of a guy who just came back from work, says my name (which I can just imagine him calling my name cuz it's always like the way he calls my name), hugs me from behind and give me a kiss on the cheek while I was cooking dinner. Problem is, out.of all.people, WHY HIM??? 
And when I think of the times we had before, the memories, it's like urghhhh MALUNYA!!!! Especially the moments where I think it's kinda.. embarrassing. Not that I ever did anything with him or anyone. Just a simple friends moment that I think it's kinda embarrassing. Urghhh. God help me. I want this image outta my head!! I never had imagined any guy being my husband. This is something new I'm experiencing, and I'm worried about it. :O


P.s.: Sometimes I feel like he doesn't even remember me. Maybe it's true he doesn't.. hmm.


    Those dreams are hilarious!
    But why oh why do I have to puke in your dream?
    I need to be seen as a glamorous girl,
    not a messed-up-without-tudung one. HAHA.
    The weird thing is, I still have the sense to play with my BB?

    Seriously Nyna, you should become a novelist.
    Then you could publish those stories,
    and who knows, you might be the next J.K.Rowling or Stephanie Meyer? :D

  2. Nash:
    Hahaha I don't knowwww. LOL It was funny though. And I was like, 'haih dia nii.. dah tau tak leh makan benda2 tu, gi mkn lagi'.. maybe based on my background knowledge of you kot.. XD

    Awwww I do have a few short stories. But it's unfinished ones! haha

  3. HAHAHAHA amal could become a're good at this story thingy nyna..:))))

    Lawak gila..i was excited talking to a girl..??!...btw siapa girl tu..?..:3
    buying yong tau fu..haha..aku ni mcm extra je dlm production mimpi tu~..HAHAHA XD..


  4. Faiz:
    Hahah I wish. Geez. You guys made me so spirited to make up a story!! :D

    I don't know her. But she's shorter than you. hahah

    Thanks! :D

  5. too much Nyna! hahaha! hamboi hamboiii mimpi youuu :PP

  6. Fara:
    Hahaha Jgn jealous kalau Nina betul2 dpt Jimmy Choo! Kasut free everyday you!! XDD hahaha


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