Sunshine of The Day

Thank you to all those commented in my previous post. You guys rock! :D

Working is of course, tiring. But it also could bring much fun and sometimes, you just don't know what to expect everyday though you're meeting with the same kid every week. 

Kids are just unpredictable. I think kids can work best when they're alone with the tutor as their learning process can easily be disturbed if there are other kids making noise or playing around in the class. As a teacher, I'm still trying to fit myself in the position of being nice to kids or having to tone up my voice a lil bit so that the kids will listen to me. Personally, I disagree teaching kids the harsh way. But from what I know, the way to teach a kid is to humiliate them when they do wrong, and when they get a lil older (become a teenager) you have to educated them as a friend. As in, be their friends. 

I think it's important for parents to know their child well. You can learn a lot about your child from the way they learn and how they response to it. I think it's vital for your future reference as a parent. :)

I can't deny, some kids are easy to teach and some aren't. A lot of factors affecting this, actually. Gosh. I think my post is starting to sound boring. 

Anyway, motivenya nak tulis post ni is becauseeee.... heheheeeee *shy laugh*

I was teaching this students Maths. But he wasn't really concentrating. I think he needs the teacher to give him full attention on him then only he'll do it. But I couldn't. Cuz I was handling two tough kids at the time. So, it was hard. And quite tensed, actually. haha

Teacher! Teacher! What is your name??

Me (in chinese slang): 
Aih! You do this first. I'll tell you what's my name after you finish this. 
(konon nak psycho budak suruh complete exercise)

Teacher Manis ar?? 
(looking at me like batting eyelashes XD)

Hahaha! XD 

Do you get the joke?? hahah I was smiling hard that time! I wanted to smile the whooooole day! haha Haih! You just know how to make teacher weak arrr!! Naughty boy! hahah XD

There were so many things that made me laugh and happy there that I reject the offer of being a temporary teacher in my previous school (Convent Bukit Nanas, cuz if I wrote CBN then some people don't know what it means =.=). I think I'm happy and comfortable teaching here. :))

Heee~ Today I get to see my little "Jay Sean" again. He's so cute! I feel like I wanna hugggggg him so tight and kiss him on the cheek! Hahah Cuz he's so just freaking damn CUTE!!! XDD Hahah 

Actually, I think I'm starting to think that maybe I want a baby boy instead of baby girl. heheh But who knows, it's all in His plan. ;D

P.s.: If you think you could fill a job as a replacement teacher in CBN, do tell me. :)


  1. Cehh! kecik2 da pandai da budak2 nih ye :P haha bole cair cikgu Nyna kamu ni tau? haha :D

  2. Bestnye u get to teach kids!!!Kat mana Nyna??

  3. Mimi: Haha Tu la pasal! XDD

    Nashra: Hee~ Kat tuition center kat Bangsar. Close to my house. :DD


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