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Hello all!!

So what's the latest news?? Medsi?? Nahh. Still can't beat the most sensational, happening, evergreen, beautiful, full of love and exquisite wedding of the year; The Royal Wedding!! Well, I'd call it Wedding of The Century!

I almost cried when I watched the replay of late Princess Diana's wedding. I was truly touched. You can feel the people's love for her. And even during Prince William's wedding, the British people gathered in front of Buckingham Palace and they're all like family. They share the couple's happiness. And seriously, while watching both wedding, I felt more like an English than a Malaysian. haha Sorry! But I still love my country la.. :D

Honestly, I can't lie to say that I've like Prince William since I was young. Seriously. If you don't believe me, feel free to ask my mom. He's just..... I'm speechless. He's beyond word could explain! Haha Oh Kate or shall I call you Princess Catherine, please don't be jealous. You already got the man that only women could dream of. :))

I don't care if he's getting bald.
I don't care if he looks older than his age.
Late Princess Diana called her 'my little 'old wise man', and that was when he was still a kid. :DD

As much as I'm jealous with her,
As much as I envy ther so-fairy-tale like wedding...
I'm still happy that my handsome Prince has finally got married to the woman that he love. :'))

Unfortunately, I had to work on Friday. Like, WHY OH WHY???? Then I had to drive home after work, since it's started, I drove fast. Quite fast! Wohoo! And we're all safe and sound at home.. :))

Keep updating status in Fb as to what I thought about it. And a lil bit of expressingmy feelings. hehe~ And went to Tumblr. And I was OH-MY-GOD! *imagine my jaw drop a level by each word* I was crazy for the very quick pictures uploaded and reblogged by the lovely Tumblrians!

I think Kate and William’s kiss has more feeling compared to late Princess Di and Prince Charles. Honestly.
If you know how to compare, you can see that Prince Charles looked not so into kissing late Princess Di, but both Prince William and Princess Catherine looked soooo into each other! :DD
See it for yourself. Prince Charles's facial expression compared to Prince William's.

I laughed looking at this! Harry was cute! :)



Kate’s Second McQueen dress

Her second McQueen dress
Look at them! :'D <3

The look in their eyes.. you can tell they're deeply in love with each other.

Imma put this as my new wallpaper in Toby! ;D

Leaving for their honeymoon. :D
I was surprised that the couple kissed twice, yes, Twice, yes, TWICE!! at the balcony! I was like, WHATTTT??? THAT'S NOT FAIR!! Usually the royal couple will only kiss once, but they kissed twice!! :'D Haha Still, I don't really mind cuz you can see it it was pure, they really love each other. :'))

I also happened to know that Kate was like a mother to William. She make sure that he arrived safely at home or room, cooked for him.. awww... no wonder he likes her.. (So that's how you tackle a sweet, kind-hearted prince ha? ;D )

I don't think Prince William will be like his father, Prince Charles. I suppose.. you know what I mean. He's more like his mother. :')

If my theory of late Princes Diana death was true, I hope God will pay her right.

Did you know that on late Princess Diana's wedding, there was NO CRIME AT ALL WAS REPORTED, except only crimes for trespassing (and that was trespassing the land to see the wedding), do you see how these people can unite because of a person that they truly love until today though she may not be here anymore..?? :'D

Of course her train can't be as long as late Princess Diana, and honestly, Idt the crowd was the same as during late Princess Diana's wedding. However, I think, a lot of people think she can be the new Princess Diana. I hope so. I wish her all the best. :))

I'm sure if late Princess Diana is still here, she would be proud of her son. :'DD

I saw someone posted in Tumblr saying that 'Kate and William are having sex tonight and the whole world knows' with this GIF included:


I was like... WHATT?... ahahha Of course they're gonna have sex. Well, it's a 50-50 chance. Maybe yes. Maybe no, because they're too tired. But I'm not gonna bother about that. The royal family has expected that Princess Catherine should be pregnant within this 11months after the marriage, because late Princess Diana had Prince William after 11months of marriage. So, Princes Catherine must have a baby BEFORE that. Wow. Looks like you both gonna have to play a lot... *nodding* They expect after this honeymoon Princess Catherine would be pregnant. I wonder what name will they give to the baby. heheh

It has been the Queen's favourite choice to give Prince William the title the Duke of Cambridge. Prince William also received another 2 titles; Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus.


And I was like this while watching ANYTHING, just ANYTHING about William and Kate! XD

O.O It's been a while since I last watched the telly THAT close! And I mean, really close. XD

Now now, for all you girls out there who think you're losing a chance to marry another Prince, here's something fer ya!

I'd love to post more pictures, but I can't. However, feel free to visit my tumblr for MORE PICTURES & GIFS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY. I'll be reblogging all about it! :D

P.s.: Which got me thinking, do you really have your first night on your first night or the second night? Aren't you too tired to do that after a day of bersanding and stuff??? Somebody please answer me.


  1. i absolutely LOVE THEM!!! enuff said. haha!

    PS: Harry was super hot in the military suit, wouldnt you agree? ;DD

  2. Kak Lin:
    Kannnn!!! Me too!! :D

    HE WAS!!! :DD


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