Kalau Tak Datang Blog Memang Tak Kan Tahu

Hello! Good day everyone! As some of you have seen, I’ve put something new up there. Nothing much, nothing extravaganza, just nice.

For this, I must really give a huge and gigantic (tak ke sama tu?? XD) THANK YOU to my dear friends... Izni and Zhafa for willingly to spend their time, effort and give brilliant suggestions to improve, and constructive criticism about it. Thank you so much girls! :D

Yes, people. I'm talking about my new, nothing-so-extravaganza, normal header here. :)

I needed someone’s opinion about it so I need to ask somebody. Of course, both give different opinions. Izni said, maybe if the title and the description itself would be enough, but I want to make, to appear and to give something different for my blog. Hence, I decided to add ‘with Nyna Roxford’ there.

However, both agree that the name’s font was a bit too heavy for the whole thing. Before this, my name came out with a different colour. I tried blue, pink, purple, greenish golden and it was bolded. But both of them suggested black and I tried to lighten it up a bit (I feel like a talking chef T.T ).That’s how I came to this. =)

I wanted to put something elegant. First in the draft, the background was only white. And I thought, nahh that’d be dull. I must put something in it. So, I decided to flip over my photo album (macam la boleh flip pics in lappy kann XP) and I found this. A picture I took when I was in flight to take my SPM result. And for those who went to my Formspring account would notice that I used this as my background. Itu pun kalau korang baik hati nak singgah tanya-tanya soalan la kan. But not anymore. I’ve changed the background.. into something... well you really have to go and see it for yourself.  This is what Zhafa said when I asked her to have a look at it.

So, back to the header! haha Yeah, the picture I thought I just wanna take it from Tumblr. But then again, I want something authentic. My first banner had to be authentic. And as you can see, the theme colour is blue. Of course, my favourite colour.. *duhhh put on shades and flip hair* haha And I really like the font of my blog title, Fell. Stand Up. Smile. =) It appears to be something feminine-like. The description or what I call it something like my blog’s saying, the font, it’s just perfect. Lil bit like a mystery somehow. And the word with, it kind of reminds me of those writing you see on invitations cards in those days. And of course, my name, the font, urgh! It’s just so damn perfect! If you know the history of why I chose the name Roxford, the font accentuates the definition, the history of the name itself. I LIIIIIIIIIIIIKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT VERY MUCH *insert Enrique’s BABY I LIKE ITTTT!!*

I hope the description in the header, will be a motivation not just for me, but for everyone who comes here.  To never give up in life even when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sure there is. Somewhere.  :)

So, what do you think? You like it??

Penat-penat I buat,
Sampai naik meluat,
Kalau dah terbuat,
Jangan sampai tak masuk wad!! 
(Lol. Ape punya pantun ni. XD)

Buah kedondong jangan dipisah.
You tak suka I tak kisahhhh... XP

P.s.: Off to visit nenek! :D


  1. First impression : NYNA! CANTIK+SMART NYE HEADER! haha seriously cantik,suke suke suke! weee~ haha :D I mati2 ingat you took the photo from Internet! haha Nyna,pandai you amik gambar secantik nih! haha good one nyna!:D

  2. weiii!
    first impression: SANGAT INSPIRING!
    second impression: ALL THE COLOURS BLEND TOGETHER!
    third impression: NAK TIRU IDEA BOLEH? hehehe.

  3. Mimi:
    Ingatkan puji Nina cantik tadi. hee~ XP heeee~ Happy nye ade org sukaaaa :DD Ni Nina edit sikit settings die. Adjust bright, contrast blablabla. Thanks Mimi!! :D

    Thanks to Zhafa and Izni!
    Err.. hahaha :D

  4. YAYYYY!!


    Dyanne: Hee~ Thanks! :D


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