If You Have Any Questions

Okay, I suppose now most of the future Asasi TESL students are searching for blogs that can provide 'em as much info regarding the course. Well, one thing I couldn't deny you can get great info is through Kak Lin's blog. 

Lin O's
My TESL Interview Experience

If you're here, I suppose you were looking for some tips for the Asasi TESL interview. :D

However, I feel sorry for those of you who willingly type very long text in the chatbox on the left and having to key in the confirmation code (cuz I don't want to get spammed anymore. haha) just to ask me some tips regarding the interview. 

In short time like this, I think what you need to do is:

  • Relax, don't panic
  • Read as much news regarding teaching profession as you can. Especially the changing of Malay/English language in teaching Maths and Science.
  • SPEAK and THINK in English
  • Do your best! :D

That's it! As simple as this. :D

Nevertheless, if you feel like you need to talk to someone about it, or you want some tips or thoughts or ideas or help, do send me an email, you can type as long as you want and you can spill all your concern or worries as much as you want:


I know it's a very long email add. Hehe That was one of my effort in branding my own name. Hehe Man! I feel like I can be the next entrepreneur! XD


What's on your mind is there for a reason. :)