Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Calling allll the beloved Katy Perry's fan...

Doesn't matter if you're here in Kuala Lumpur, heart of Malaysia..

Or in China, walking in the Great China Walls..

Or walking at Washington DC..

Or even eating bi bim bap in South Korea..

I'm calling all the Katy Perry fans out there.

You, yes you.


The video E.T. is out!!! :DD


Hip hip hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What you're waiting for?? Check it out now!!! 

Or you can watch it here. More fun! ;D

Or you might want to listen to MY version of the song. XD

My immediate reaction was, of course, I was excited. Happy. Felt like crying cuz it was amazing. Though quite surprise with Kanye West appearance. Been waiting for this for long time, ever since I first heard this song. Mann... It was amazing!!

I think it's very E.T. like. Though it's kinda weird, but it's good. Ae-may-zing! That means it reached it's standard, what it's supposed to be, very alien-oriented. The starting was relevant to the theme/message of the song. Though at first she seems to be looking quite weird, but she came out stunning with the make-up. And the costume was great! My favourite costume of her is her third costume. The make-up is very animal-ish mixed with a lil goddess like and love the hair! The hair reminds me of a fish's gill. But it's awesome! The eye is incredible! Realllly E.T.. Kanye's appearance on the first part I think it's a bit annoying cuz I was so anxious for her part. The guy reminded me of Johan lil bit. His face. Btw, was that man really naked?? Overall, I think I'm satisfied with her new mv. Really what the song's all about. Great job Katy and team!! :D


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