Err.. Honestly.

I always managed to post what's supposed to be posted on that day just minutes before midnight, before a new day begin. I meant my 30dayschallenge posts. ;)

I have mixed emotions, feelings. Sometimes I couldn't understand myself. I couldn't understand my own feelings. Why do I feel that way? Often I tell myself, 'Arhh it's just hormones!'. 

Sometimes, my motherly instinct can come off so strong. Like, sometimes I feel like I wanna have a child! If the feeling is too strong, sometimes I even dreamed about it! Like there was this one time, I dreamed about this baby, he's soooooo cute! I felt like I was really a mother! I know, I know. Like I can't wait to have a child! hahah  You know that feeling when you feel like you look  at kids and you feel like, 'Awww she's/he's so cute!! I wanna have a baby too!!'? Maybe some of you know what I mean, maybe some don't. Oh well, I'm just spilling what I've been feeling lately. ;p

I love my kids (insya-Allah) long before I have them. And I don't care what people wanna say, cute or not, looks like me or like the father much, however you come into my life, I'll always love you kids. Mommy loves you very much.  And I hope when you grow up, you'll be a good daughter/son, obey Allah, be a good, loving, productive human being towards the people and if possible, mommy and daddy will try to give the best for you, insya-Allah. Aww... I wish I can see you now.  :'D


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How can you not want a baby when you see a cute baby like this?? 

OMG.... I soooo want a baby now!! 

Sometimes (well, when I have nothing better to do other than day dreaming. haha), I thought about my future. As a mother. Sometimes, it feels as if I can just imagine holding my own baby in my arms. The soft skin, the cute little fingers, the baby smell!!! (ohmygod the best smell ever!), how they are so cute little fragile creature and I feel like I'm ready to give them my full attention and pour them my love like the water falling from the waterfall of Niagara Falls. I had some things planned. Savings. House. Schools. 

But it all come down to the bottom line where I can only plan, but Allah is The One who will decide my future. :)

Now that I'm working as a part time tutor at one of the tuition center in Bangsar, I get to be around kids more often. Though I'm not that good with kids, but I'm trying my way round with this cute little creature. Hahaha Today I taught 3 little kids. All boys. Hahaha I'm not so good with boys, even lil boys. Girls okay la. haha They're all very smart little boys. And they're only 3 or 4 years old!! Amazing huh?? :DD 

The first one, he's cute. Reminds me of Jay Sean. haha And smart. XD

Second one, he's very smart, too. Just a bit, well, I'd say moody. Ada angin sendiri. haha He gets excited when he sees a bear (read: panda) eating on the table. haha X)

Third one, he's shy at first. Very cute. But when you get your way around, he starts being friendly.  We even chat about the policemen shooting the crows during that time. And he's cute too! :D

One thing similar about them, they all like cars! :D They make the F1 sound while doing the exercises, comparing cars, and more. Hahah  Thank God they don't talk about footballs. Yet. XD

It's quite tiring since you have to be really patient with them. I learned quite a lot today. I realized that I need to learn how to control them. Be strict but at the same time don't make them cry. haha Oh! And I think my teaching skill sucks. I think I'm a bit boring. Oh well. I am boring. Need to change that. Haha  Well, that's the reason why I wanna be a tutor. So I know where I stand as a future teacher-to-be and I can take this opportunity to improve myself not only as a teacher, but also as a future mother. hee~ 

Conclusion from first day, it's not THAT bad at all. I hope I'll get my way round kids soon. :)

Anyways, it's nice to see guys being so good with kids. I mean, the little kids. XD

So... err... what do you say, wanna make babies??? 


I was asking George la!! XD

P.s.: I think I've said enough about this. ;p


  1. haha wahh seronoknye ajar budak2! hehe. It's not easy to handle kids,tapi betul cakap nyna, at least you can be more prepared in the future. Haha saya suka budak2 yang baik dan comel.yang cerewet saya tak suke ye.hahaha :D

  2. omg omg omg.
    I want a baby of my own.
    Sometimes I even dreamed that I was pregnant (weird right?)
    I guess that's why working as a teacher at Smart Reader Kids is somewhat an enjoyment to me.
    Kids are just plainly... adorable! GUH! :)

  3. i want a house with a huge lawn so that i can have a swing falls from a huge tree for my daughter(s) and trampolin for me and my son(s) to play around every evening. and guess what? i want them to play instruments because i really want to be at their recital. hahaha.

  4. i loveeee babies i mean who doesnt kan? tapi, rasa cuak jugak kadang kadang bila terfikir, anak tu amanah Allah yang kena dididik dengan sebaiknya.

    btw, i'm really envy with ur new job! comelnya those boys!

  5. Mimi:
    Sama la!! Kalau budak tu okau, nina okay je!! :DD

    Oh! I pun kdg2 sampai mimpi mcm tu! haha mimpi pregnant, mimpi ade anak sendiri. haha :D

    Waahhh bestnya! Good planning! Boleh jadi dad dah! haha :D

    Betul2! It's not easy to have a child. Chances die grow up not as we expected tu tinggi. Cabaran dari dunia luar. Tu I baru cerita. Belum lagi tgk. haha :D



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